Passage. Mission: Breakthrough. COD: Black Ops Cold War

Passage. Mission: Breakthrough. COD: Black Ops Cold War

During this, you will repeat various tasks, either following Adler's recommendations, or performing in your own way.

Although the parts of the mission differ depending on the decisions made, they ultimately lead to the same ending.

In the first scene, you have to break through a rice field filled with enemies. When you have done this, head towards the passage on the other side. In the following replays of the scene, Adler will talk about how to deal with opponents silently (for example, using a bow). You can listen to it or follow it however you want.

You have to make the first choice. You can listen to Adler and go to the right or oppose him and go to the left. In subsequent replays of the scene, Adler will choose one way or another for the main character - you can listen to him or ignore him.

The paths will lead to different places (for example, a village, a beach and a cave), where you will most often have to break through groups of enemies.

Each of the options leads to a red door, through which you must go. Thus, you will be taken to the following locations, after passing which the entire scene (from the moment you jump from the helicopter) will start over.

Sometimes you may find that if you ignore Adler's instructions, you will find yourself in a dead end, for example, a blocked road. In such cases, look for another route (in the second scene, Adler tells you to go right - if you go left, you will find yourself in a village with a blocked path, but there is a postal line in front of the bridge that you can use).

After the second scene, behind the red door, you will come across two projectors. Start placing them in such a way as to create one of the two pictures with the red door and go through it.

The second option is to fall through a wooden hatch into a tunnel. After passing through its fragment, turn around and you will see zombies. After a while, the screen will turn black and a red door will appear that will pass through it.

In the next repetition of the scene, you will again find yourself at the red door. After passing through it, you will find yourself in a long corridor. Continue following him through the next door that appears on the road. Sometimes different scenes or events may appear (for example, the hero falls into the abyss). Even so, always keep moving forward.

It may also turn out that, breaking through the corridor, you stumble upon a dead end - then turn around and the next door should be straight ahead.

In the next repetition of the scene, after reaching the fork, the red door will be in ruins. You can go through them immediately or try to choose a different path. A passage will also begin to appear on it, but you can ignore it until you find yourself in a room with a door, with a different path, and then go through the door.

Eventually, fragments of memories will start to merge after you reach a room with a table and chair to sit on.

As you complete this mission, remember that you can always obey Adler's commands, always ignore them, or act in a mixed manner. Each of the options hides a slightly different course of the quest and the achievements that need to be obtained.

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