Passage. Mission: Brick in the wall. COD: Black Ops Cold War

Passage. Mission: Brick in the wall. COD: Black Ops Cold War

Another main quest of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which will become available after completing a story mission called Nowhere to Run, which we visited during the Vietnam War.

Passage of the task Brick in the wall. Part # 1. Kraus, CIA contact

To start the quest, use the Evidence Board in the agents' hideout and select the mission to the right of it.

The quest starts in a subway car. Wait for Adler and the other agents to head towards the exit. Jump off the train and go left, then get to the platform. Go to the right and silently approach the guard, whom you must eliminate or take as a human shield.

Then go to the door on the left and break it, then deal with the other guards. Follow Adler until you exit through the hatch onto the street. Here you will encounter a two-person patrol that will stop the agents. Destroy the guards with a silenced pistol as directed by Adler.

After the fight, take the body and place it in the darkened alley on the right side, then follow Adler.

You will reach the roof - go to its edge and use the camera. Note the outpost on the left. Soon a man with an umbrella will appear on the sidewalk , that is, the Kraus we are looking for. Take a picture of it.

It turns out that the man will head towards the bar. Follow Adler and after exiting the street, go to the building.

Once inside, go forward and sit at the table with a single woman with a blue umbrella next to her. Talk to her, and then use the eavesdropping device to eavesdrop on Kraus.

When the soldier enters the building, go through the door to the toilet.

Going inside, pay attention to the window, go out through it to the street. Information about stealth will appear - from this moment it is better to move in such a way as not to attract the attention of the guards.

Go right to the door and try to open it. To open the lock, move the pick to the place where the latch will move. If you find such a point, the latch will move and open the door.

After entering the building, go up the stairs, then sneak up on the guard and silently destroy him. Then go to the door on the right and exit to the balcony.

Passage of the task Brick in the wall. Part number 2. Informant, apartment.

The second part of the mission takes place in East Berlin. We'll need to contact Agent Lazar. An optional goal is also to contact the informant.

You start on the balcony. Below is a square filled with enemy police - the passage to Lazar is on the other side of the square. Guide is in the building on the left.

If you want to complete the task quietly, go to the left side of the balcony. Jump down and go to the building, where silently eliminate the guard.

Walk forward and head towards the door on the left. When the two guards walk down the hallway, go through it and go outside through the door. Then take out the guard and use the lockpick to open the door leading to the basement.

Inside you will meet three guards, shoot them with a pistol with a silencer. On the table on the right you will find evidence relating to the side mission "Operation Chaos" and the CIA informant - Richter, tied to a chair. Walk up to him and start a conversation.

Note: During the conversation, you will have to decide whether to free Richter or kill him.

After the meeting ends, return to the street and use the stairs on the left to reach the scaffolding. Follow him, then go down and go to the building where you will meet Lazarus.

Burglary at Kraus's house

Follow him to where Helen Park is watching Kraus's house.

Take your camera and take a picture of him while he is talking on the phone. Then exit the building and head towards the block entrance across the street. Climb the stairs and go to apartment number 27 (you can get a gas gun along the way).

Use the pick to get inside and start sneaking up. Wait for Edda, Kraus's wife, to go into the room. Then go to the kitchen, wait a little again, then go to the stairs - be careful because if there is Kraus upstairs, go back to the kitchen and wait a while.

If the way up is free, go there and hide in the children's room (on the right) or in the bedroom (in front of her). Wait for Kraus to come down and go to the office.

Note: In the bedroom, in the drawer on the right, you will find evidence related to the side mission Operation Red Circus.

Turn on the UV lamp and find two handprints. The first one is next to the picture that you need to move. Then click on the wall on the left , which will open the passage to the secret room.

Turn on the light and go to the briefcase. Unfortunately, when you do this, you will be stunned.

Passage of the task Brick in the wall. Part number 3. Anton Volkov

The next part of the mission will begin in a warehouse, where the captured hero will be interrogated by Soviet agents, including Volkov. If in the previous part of the mission you left informant Richter alive, he will also be present at the scene.

During interrogation, American agents will rush into the room and release the hero. Once you have your weapon, start deeper into the warehouse, taking out the enemies you come across.

Be careful, there are a lot of them. Walk through the warehouse until you reach the door.

When their opponents are balanced, deal with them and go into the corridor behind them. Beware, because a flashbang grenade will be thrown from around the corner, and shortly thereafter, several enemies will run out and quickly destroy them.

After that, run along the corridor until you reach Anton Volkov. Run up to him and decide if you attack and kill him or catch him. In the second case, you need to run up to him and press and hold the button that appears.

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