Passage. Mission: Echoes of the Cold War in COD: Black Ops Cold War

Passage. Mission: Echoes of the Cold War in COD: Black Ops Cold War

Another story mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War that takes place in Jamantau. During his execution, we reached the Soviet base and stole important data from the computer.

Passage of quest Echo of the Cold War. Part # 1. Soviet base, key.

You are again performing a new task with Agent Woods. Follow him all the time until you reach the first enemies. Choose one of the guards and destroy him with a well-aimed sniper shot.

Continue moving to the next group of opponents to take care of. Then go to the rope and use the sniper rifle to smash opponents on the other side of the abyss. Then use the cable to climb down.

Follow the path. After a while you will see an enemy building - before approaching it, destroy four enemies guarding the entrance from a distance.

Go inside - on the table on the right you can find evidence related to the Red Circus side mission (if the cassette is missing, you will find it later in the mission). Walk across the room and head towards the bridge outside. Turn right, jump over the pit and move forward. Continue until you reach a room that the patrol will enter. Hide behind cover and finish off your opponents.

Move on and head to the next rope. Use the sniper rifle to take out the enemies on the other side and then use the zipline to reach the platform on the other side.

Key search

During the descent, the hero, unfortunately, will fall, losing his weapon. Move forward and enter the tunnel on the right.

Continue along the only possible path until you reach the door you are opening. Going further, you will find a frozen corpse and an open door on the right.

Enter the corridor and keep moving until you see a soldier in front of you. Then pass silently into the room on the right and wait for the opponents to head towards the exit. Silently follow the last one and deal with him with the knife. This way you can kill more or take a firearm and finish it off.

After clearing the territory, go along the corridor where you met the soldiers. You can enter the room on the left where you will find a locked cabinet on the wall. If you try to open it, you will find that a key is required that will launch an optional target. Don't worry about him for now, because you will find the key later in the quest.

Keep moving until you find a cover with a sport bow on the floor. With its help, you can silently kill enemies in the next room. Having dealt with the enemies, go to the round room, where you must kill the guards.

After clearing it, you can go straight to the exit or find the key to the drawer. If you want to complete the optional objective, go to the corridor.

Continue until you reach a room with a key on the table. Take it and return to the locked box.

By the way, be careful, because enemies will appear nearby. Open the box and take out the Redeemer, that is, the powerful revolver.

Return to the circular room and pick the lock on the door, which will open the next passage.

Continue along the only possible path until you reach the stairs - at the top you will meet the wanted person.

Passage of quest Echo of the Cold War. Part number 2. Pick up the computer.

After joining Woods, follow him. After a while you will reach a place from where you will see a trench in front of you. Use the binoculars on the left to get a closer look at the excavation site and the enemies inside it.

Note: if you didn't find the cassette earlier, that is, evidence related to the Red Circus side mission, it may be on the table on the right side of the room.

After exploring the surroundings, run after Woods. Use the rope to get down. Kill the soldiers, then head to the dig and start destroying the enemies. You will receive help in the battle in the form of fire from a helicopter.

After clearing the territory, go to the underground entrance and clear the tunnel from another group of opponents.

Climb the stairs and after you deal with other rivals, go left. Clear the area of other enemies, then head towards the abyss and follow the rope to the other side.

While moving, shoot the enemies that will appear. Then continue your journey to the next buildings where the hero will start descending and finally he will throw the enemy soldier into the pit.

Now you have to go downstairs yourself. Go left and find the descent to the floor below. Then go to the rope and slide down it.

When you go downstairs, start shooting at the enemies in and around the server. When the path is clear, jump onto the server and tie a rope to it.

After a while, the helicopter will start pulling up the server and agents. Hide behind one of the sides of the server that provides cover and start shooting at the enemies. There will be many enemies, so you need to quickly eliminate them. Shooting red explosive barrels can be of great help. Eventually, the information will be obtained and the mission will be completed.

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