Passage. Mission: Extreme Measures. COD: Black Ops Cold War

Passage. Mission: Extreme Measures. COD: Black Ops Cold War

This is another mission in the story campaign, which you will start from the Evidence Board in the Vault after completing the main quest called Echoes of the Cold War. The beginning of the mission is linear, but later we can complete the task in several ways.

Passage of quest Extreme Measures. Part # 1. Agents, KGB.

In this mission you play the role of a double agent - start by establishing a secure connection with Adler via a computer.

Talk to him, and when the guard appears, exit the office, go left, and then to the first floor. Go through the double door and sit on the chair on the right, where there will be a conference with Zakhaev and Gorbachev. It doesn't matter which dialogue options you choose during the conversation.

Map Lyubyanka

After the conversation, you will be able to move freely around the KGB headquarters. The goal is to get a map that will allow you to get to the treasury. Below we present a map with a description of individual places on the Lubyanka.

You can also open the map in a second window or load it to disk.

  • A - video surveillance room in which you need to turn off the cameras.
  • B is the recruiting department where you can eliminate the agent (additional target) and get a cigar for the guard (C).
  • C - guarded gatehouse. You can bribe him with a cigar from the recruiting office (B) to let the hero into the armory (D).
  • D - armory, where you can get an access card.
  • E - General Charkov's office, where you can get an access card, for example, by poisoning it or fabricating false evidence.
  • F is an archive where you can reprogram the map obtained from the arsenal (D).
  • G - ventilation shaft, thanks to which you can discreetly go to the lower level.
  • H - Kravchenko's office, where you can get poison to kill Charkov (E).
  • I - Kravchenko, who is standing at the checkpoint. You can give him a false testimony on Charkov (E).
  • J is the department of inquiry, if you get evidence for him in the archives (K), you can convince him to kill Charkov.
  • L is the server room where you can get false testimony against Charkov. You can give them to Kravchenko (I). In addition, here you can find evidence related to the side mission Operation Red Circus.
  • M - a conference room where you can find evidence related to Operation Red Circus.
  • N - the entrance to the prison, where you need to go after receiving the access card.

Disabling video cameras

Before proceeding with the main task, you will need to turn off your camcorders.

To do this, go to the video surveillance room (A on the map). Open the door and silently eliminate the guard on the chair.

Hide the body in the cabinet on the right and open the door on the left. Walk to the right and move the lever, which will turn off the cameras in the building. Now you can move on to the main goal - to get a pass.

Kill the agent - optional target.

Besides the main goal, you can also complete an optional goal. He will only appear if you did not kill him during the "Brick in the Wall" quest.

Then go to the recruiting office (B on the map). Wait for the guards to separate, then go to the door and pick the lock with the pick.

After going inside, go to Richter, sitting on a chair, and hide his body in the cabinet on the left. Before leaving the room, you must also grab the cigar on the left, with which you can bribe the guard in the gatehouse (C on the map), which will allow you to enter the armory (D on the map).

How to get the bunker key in the Extreme Measures mission?

After turning off the cameras and possibly eliminating the agent, we will need to get a pass. This can be done in several ways:

  • Option 1 - getting the card yourself.
  • Option 2 - Charkov poisoning.
  • Option 3 - substitute Charkov.
  • Option 4 - killing Charkov with a prisoner.

Option 1 - getting a pass yourself

To take advantage of this opportunity, you need to infiltrate the recruiting department (B on the map).

In the cabinet on the left, you will find a cigar box. Take one of them and go to the gatehouse (C on the map). Talk to the guard and use the cigar to convince him to let the hero into the armory (D on the map).

In the room you will find the map and take it. Another goal will be to reprogram it. Go to the archive (F on the map), quietly eliminate the guard and go to the computer on which you will reprogram the card. Then go to the prison (N on the map), showing the map to the guard along the way. This will take you to the prison (N on the map), where the mission will continue.

Option 2 - poisoning Charkov

The second option is to get rid of General Charkov (E on the map) using poison. To do this, go to the stairs leading down.

To the right of them you will find a ventilation shaft (G on the map) - just lift the grate and move forward and to the right. You will reach the office and wait for the guard in the hallway to start leaving.

Then go through the corridor and enter Kravchenko's office (H on the map). Hack your computer and view the documents related to the mole. You will see three chemical symbols S, Re and Nd in the message. Find them on the board and then transfer the numbers to the lock next to the poison box. Code: 16 75 60.

Note: If your computer displays other symbols, look for them on the board and write (in the order in which they appear on your computer) the numbers next to them. They will generate the code.

Take the poison and go with him to Charkov's office (E on the map). Talk to the guard in the hallway and ask for a meeting. During it, add poison to one of the cups. If Charkov takes the one that has no poison, draw his attention to one of the photographs, and when he turns around, change the cups. By poisoning it, you will receive an access card. Exit the offices through the conference room (M on the map).

Option 3 - substitute Charkov

Another way to get the card is to substitute Charkov, Kravchenko's rival.

Start by heading to the server room (L on the map), which you can get to through the ventilation shaft (G on the map). Inside, you will meet two guards, whom you can silently eliminate. Then go to computer and login to the server. Then you will need to select numbers that are not on the sheet to the left.

These will be: 876, 599, 345. Then select the option with forbidden communication, redirect to Charkov and print. The printout can be found in the printer in the corner of the server room. Pick him up and go to Kravchenko (I'm on the map) and give him the false documents. After a while Charkov will be summoned for interrogation, and he will leave the card on the table. When she leaves Kravchenko, take her.

Option 4 - killing Charkov with a prisoner

The last option to get the card and at the same time get rid of Charkov is to go to the interrogation room (J on the map). Convince the guard to let the hero inside.

When this happens, sit in a chair and start talking to the prisoner . It turns out that in order to persuade him to get rid of the general, you will need to obtain certain documents related to his family. 

Go to the archive (K on the map) and when no one is looking, make your way to the room where you must destroy the guard. Go to the second room and take the documents from the shelf. Return with them to interrogate the prisoner and convince him to get rid of Charkov. After a while, the general will come for interrogation, where he will be killed. After the action, order the guard to leave the room and remove the card from the pocket of the deceased.

Passage of quest Extreme Measures. Part number 3. Escape from the shelter.

After obtaining the access keys and settling or ignoring the Charkov case, it is time to let the American agents into the Lubyanka and get to the vault.

Go to the South Prison Entrance. Show the access card to the guard on the way.

Go down to the room with the furnace and call two guards by radio. Then move the latch to open the door behind which the agents are waiting. After you go inside and the guards appear, wait a bit, then eliminate them and change into Soviet uniforms.

Follow Adler through the following rooms. You will soon reach the baggage check-in point. Go to the door where the guard will appear. During the search at the last moment, the agents will be rescued by Belikov.

Move on and go to the elevator, where you press the button. After a while Zakhaev will appear . If you don't want to run into problems, select the following dialog options:

  • Arrived that week, comrade.
  • We've been here for a couple of months.
  • We've just arrived.
  • Stun.

The choice of options is to stun Zakhaev or choose another answer that will force the enemy to attack the agents. If you are fast enough, you can stun him - if you fail, you will have to start the elevator fragment from scratch.

After you go down, prepare your weapon and start cracking down on opponents by breaking through the rooms. At some point, you will reach the container on the left, fill it with gas and continue your way to the storage through the corridor.

When you finally reach the vault door, insert the resulting access card into the mechanism on the right side. Inside, run to the computer and download the data to a floppy disk.

When you're done, head left and take the mines from the chest. Hide behind cover and when opponents blow up the door, throw mines (you can also throw them on the ground before the opponents enter), grenades and shoot the runners.

After repelling the attack, follow Adler, destroying the enemies in the adjacent rooms. One of them will be dark, so pay attention to the opponents' flashlights to make them easier to track down.

At some point, you will reach the door behind which the captive Belikov is. Use the transmitter to release the gas - when the rivals begin to choke, run through the door and save Belikov, wearing a gas mask.

Then follow Adler again, getting rid of oncoming enemies. Eventually you will find yourself in a corridor with heavy armor - use it.

After a while, you will move on, heading for the exit. Destroy large groups of enemies along the way with grenades and a heavy rifle. The goal is to get to the car and drive into it with Adler and Belikov. Finally, shoot the enemies chasing the car and the mission will end after a while.

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