Passage. Second assignment: Broken jaw. Vietnam in COD: Black Ops Cold War

Passage. Second assignment: Broken jaw. Vietnam in COD: Black Ops Cold War

Another story mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which will start automatically after a briefing at the CIA base, during which we created the identity of a new character and discussed the objectives of the next mission with agents.

Start tracking Adler - you can replenish your ammo or choose a different rifle along the way. Go with the agent to the helicopter and sit on it. After a while, you will fly over the enemy base, where you will start shooting at the enemies. First of all, destroy the soldiers with grenade launchers, which pose the greatest danger to the helicopter.

After clearing the area and landing, start fighting opponents and fight your way through the village. You can follow different routes to your destination - along the street or through buildings.

At some point, you will reach square with many enemies - deal with them using a helicopter.

Approach the building from the other side and start clearing it from rivals. Finally, you will arrive at a terrace leading to a red door.

Go through it, clear the room of enemies and take the documents lying on the table to the left.

Helicopter flight

After collecting documents, break into the building and head to the helicopter, which will land on the ground.

Climb aboard and soon you'll be at the helm. Use the information that will be displayed to learn how to operate.

Start flying along the river and shoot at the enemy outposts in your path. Remember not to fly too low to avoid being exposed to fire.

At some point, an enemy helicopter will appear in the sky. During the battle with him try to stay in motion and shoot at him from cannons and missiles.

Continue your flight to the base, destroying more outposts and convoys. Upon reaching the destination, it turns out that the base is under attack, so you will have to deal with the following targets, indicated by markers.

After repelling the attack, land at the base and wait for the soldiers to bring the nuclear charge on board. At this moment, a cut-scene will begin, and the helicopter will fall to the ground. Take your rifle and start fighting the approaching enemies.

After lowering the car and throwing a flare grenade, hide behind a cover and reflect the waves of enemies until the aircraft deal with them.

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