Pet Guide - Felsi and Macabre in the mysterious mushroom ring!

Pet Guide - Felsi and Macabre in the mysterious mushroom ring!

There are already a lot of fun little puzzles in the World of Warcraft and we can find many of them in the Shadowlands. One in the Ardenwald, for example, and this revolves around the rare opponent Makaber , who drops the sweet little Vulpin puppy Felsi . The forest creature can appear randomly in different places and to make it visible you have to dance in mysterious mushroom rings with a group of three players. But not just like that, but in a certain order. With the following guide, Felsi should soon be yours. Good luck with your search and have fun dancing!

Find the mysterious mushroom ring!

The rare opponent  Macabre  doesn't just look like that, but only appears when you perform a dance with a total of three players in a mysterious mushroom ring. So get two more players before you go looking for Makaber. Search is also the appropriate term, because there are four possible places of appearance for the mysterious mushroom rings. When you have found one, the whole group has to stand in the ring and then you have to perform a dance using the emote "/ dance" in the following combination.

Who is dancing with whom?

  • Player 1 puts "/ dance" on player 2.
  • Player 2 puts "/ dance" on player 3.
  • Player 3 puts "/ dance" on player 1.

TomTom coordinates

  • / way 60.00, 29.40 Mushroom Ring
  • / way 36.50, 48.10 Mushroom Ring
  • / way 32.90, 44.60 Mushroom Ring
  • / way 47.91, 40.20 Mushroom Ring (on top of the cliff)

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