Phasmophobia - microphone does not work

Phasmophobia players will need to use their microphone for many tasks, but due to a bug, the microphone is not working.

Phasmophobia delights fans with its unique gameplay elements, but one of the most important aspects of this game is that some players have problems. One of his many claims to fame is the way players can use their microphone to communicate with ghosts within the game, but some players often had a “microphone not working” error preventing this key interaction.

Phasmophobia players facing this issue are not entirely out of luck as while there are no official fixes for this error yet, there are some temporary home remedies that may help at the moment. Players who are struggling with this issue should read on.

The player's microphone is used not only to communicate with ghosts in the game, but also to talk to other people in a group of ghostbusters. For this reason, playing Phasmophobia without a microphone is nearly impossible, unless the players set up another form of communication, and the one without a microphone relies on others to communicate with the ghost.

Phasmophobia - microphone does not work

The first thing players should do when approaching this error is to make sure it's not a client-side issue. To do this, there are a couple of steps that the player can take both in the game and outside of it. There is a voice recognition test button in the options menu under the sound. This will allow players to make sure the game is not picking up their microphone. If this does not solve the problem, players should go to their PC's control panel and check the sound there. If the computer receives audio, the issue is with the game, otherwise players may need to adjust the audio output device to their microphone. Phasmophobia is gaining traction on Twitch, so players will want to fix this issue as soon as possible.

If all of these efforts fail, players can try downloading the beta version of Phasmophobia. There is a fix in this unstable build that should help the game not recognize the player's microphone, but it could also have a ton of other options as it is an unfinished product. Finally, this last tip will not help players solve the problem, but in some cases it can help prevent it. Using Alt + Tab to switch windows or minimize the game has been known to cause audio issues, so players should avoid this at all costs.

Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games has made it clear that they are aware of this issue and are working on a stable fix. The presence of a fix for the issue in the beta build is a good sign and should mean a real patch is coming soon. Until then, players should try these steps to see if they can fix the problem on their own.

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