Phasmophobia update adds new gameplay features

Phasmophobia's November 9 update not only fixes a ton of game glitches, but also adds two new gameplay elements. They don't change the game too much, though. The first of the new elements is the so-called "additional Phasmophobia challenge" for players. All the players have to do to complete it is put some salt on the floor and make the ghost walk through it. The second mechanic allows dead players to pick up and throw around un-equipped items. This feature will most likely be used by players to scare their friends even more.

Phasmophobia update adds new gameplay features

Details of the update come through Phasmophobia's official twitter account, although if players want more information on what the patch is fixing / adding, they can check out the game's discord server. As is usually the case with Phasmophobia updates, there are quite a few fixes and some of the game's existing features have been updated, for example the ghost photo daily challenge ends for all players when one of the players takes a photo. These new mechanics for Phasmophobia will not be the last ones she receives during her time in Early Access. Dknighter said that he changed his original plans for the game due to its success. He has extended Early Access to an undisclosed period and plans to use that time to fix as many bugs in the game as possible, as well as add new content.

The removal of the PvP mode was an odd decision, Dknighter said, to test fan reactions. Time will tell... 

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