Potential hostage-taking at Ubisoft's Montreal office [UPD: Call was fake]

Potential hostage-taking at Ubisoft's Montreal office [UPD: Call was fake]

Canadian Montreal is in the center of events today - the police are conducting a special operation to free hostages from the Ubisoft office.

Perhaps a group of individuals is forcibly holding dozens of people hostage on Boulevard Saint Laurent. In the picture below, you can see a lot of people on the roof of the building:

Potential hostage-taking at Ubisoft's Montreal office

10 minutes after the photo above, the rescue vehicles arrived:

Police vehicle

After 20 minutes, the police were provided with plans for the building. One of the company's employees at the exit about his partner:

I cannot contact him through social networks... I received a lot of calls from my relatives. I'm worried, very worried

Victim statement

The first reports of people trapped on the roof of the office building in which the Ubisoft office is located, came at 14:00 local time. The Montreal police cordoned off the area for half an hour, despite the fact that there was no evidence of the hostage taking.

At 15:17 local time, it was reported that there was no reason to deploy a large-scale operation.

At 15:32 the evacuation of people from the building began.

UPD: 15:46 (11:46 pm) The possible hostage-taking at Ubisoft, which triggered a major operation in Montreal, turned out to be a false alarm. Investigators are actively working to find those responsible for the threatening call. Many employees in the building were unaware of what had happened.


At the moment, no threats have been detected. We are now evacuating the building. #SPVM 

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