Project Wingman Developers Share Story Mode Details Ahead Of Release


Project Wingman Developers Share Story Mode Details Ahead Of Release

The developers of Sector D2 have provided more details on the upcoming aerial combat game Project Wingman .

The new information was posted in a Kickstarter update detailing what we can expect from the campaign.

You can read the full post below.

“As the day quickly approaches the 1.0 release of Project Wingman, we think it's best to release a few reports that aim to bring us all to a common understanding of what the game will be like when released.

Project Wingman's story mode, campaign, is the first part of Project Wingman's single player mode. This is the engineered mission of a mercenary pilot known as the Monarch, who leads his allies to save the country from the imperial power known as the Federation. We've all heard stories like this before, and what better way to pay homage to a game like this than running a campaign like this in Project Wingman?

In this campaign, you will be able to demonstrate your character as a fighter pilot, destroying enemies who will do everything in their power to stop you. Professional pilots, flying airships, insurmountable obstacles and agonizing firepower will be turned against you, but you will kill them all in your path to fulfill a contract for a country under siege. 

And all this while you will be accompanied by two wingmen, AWACS (and possibly WSO), with a group of supporting voices from the outside. 

The earth is in danger as humans fight for its resources. Mercenaries are a generic term, and great airships will fill the skies as fire makes the world go round. That's where Project Wingman is. 

In terms of a legend, this world has a story before and even after the events of this game. This is a stage where we still have a lot to do, but for now this is our first foray into the World on Fire. 

This is our first major game to try to do something like this, and the standards we talk about in other games are among the highest, not only in this genre, but in this industry as well. 

The narrative in those games that precede us is in the measure to which we strive to correspond, while remaining on realism, we are not able to fully correspond to this. As a two-person team with regards to campaign development, it would be unreasonable to expect us to do something like this the first time. We ask you to moderate these expectations. 

Unfortunately, we could not afford cut-scenes, as is customary in this genre, and for this reason, the story of the game develops entirely in-game. Rather than trying to half-invent a story based on external narrative elements, we decided to work with what we have and limit it to what we can do in the game. 

Project Wingman's storyline is a simple and cohesive experience from start to finish, all at the service of you, an ace fighter pilot who needs to defeat an invincible foe with sheer skill and determination. 

Our artbook, due to the various Kickstarters contributors, will be released after the game and will detail further stories, along with some of Project Wingman's inner baseball and even some stories from me. 

As for, in particular, the plot of the game, we had an image in our head that was very solid, very focused, on which we worked, but even then we had to make sacrifices. We want us to have more resources to work with, especially in this aspect, but the lesson of this story, as well as the story of the development of the Project Wingman campaign, is that it's a rewarding experience. ” 

If you're not familiar with Project Wingman, it was funded through a Kickstarter campaign back in 2018, and is definitely inspired by Ace Combat.

Project Wingman will release on December 1 on PC via Steam and Humble Store. 

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