PS5: Saved games cannot be transferred via USB, PS Plus is a must!

PS5: Saved games cannot be transferred via USB, PS Plus is a must!

In the USA and other regions of the world, the PS5 has been officially available since November 12th, while in India we have to wait until next Thursday, November 19th. But although some players have had the opportunity to get to know their PlayStation 5 better for a few days, new functions are regularly coming to light that were previously unknown.

Only save PS5 games with an active PS Plus subscription

In this case, however, it is a feature that, unlike the PS4, is no longer available on the PlayStation 5. Specifically, it is about the possibility of backing up games by transferring them to a USB storage device.

This is no longer possible on the PS5, which is why users who want to back up their valuable PS5 games now have to download them to Sony's cloud. However, this requires a paid PlayStation Plus subscription.

It is interesting that you cannot save PS5 games via USB, but savesgames can be transferred from the PS4 to the PS5 without any problems.

Does this mean Sony wants to reach more PS Plus subscribers?

Sony has not yet made an official comment on this. Perhaps the Japanese company has better reasons for this decision than just trying to get more PS5 users to subscribe to PS Plus.

Sony may also make the option available on the PS5 in the near future, or it is currently just a bug that will be fixed with the first firmware update. But it seems rather unusual that Sony would not have published a statement in this case.

In any case, we will keep you up to date here on and report back should there be any news on this topic.

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