PS5: This is the size of the first firmware update

PS5: This is the size of the first firmware update

Update from November 17, 2020: The first firmware update 20.02 is now live and can therefore be downloaded by all players who already have a PS5 .

It is still not entirely clear which exact changes the firmware update has in its luggage. The patch notes are not extensive and should already be well known to PS4 owners:

"This system software update improves the performance of the system."

Ultimately, we cannot deduce from the description of the update which problems will be fixed with it. And that one or the other bug has made it into the PS5 or the software, the reports of PS5 owners in the last few days make it clear. For example, it is currently warning against putting the console to sleep . There also seems to be a problem with external hard drives .

Original message from November 12th, 2020: While the PS5 will be officially released on November 12th in the USA and other regions of the world, we will have to wait a few days longer in this country until November 19th. If you are one of the lucky ones who was quick enough to pre-order the new Sony console in advance, you should get the PlayStation 5 delivered in time for the release next week.

However, this is still not entirely certain, as MediaMarkt and Saturn, for example, recently sent e-mails to pre-orderers. It is possible that the delivery date of November 19th cannot be kept exactly. However, there is no more specific information on this at the moment.

The first firmware update for the PS5 is available

But even if you actually get the console delivered on time, keep in mind that setting up the console, including installing an initial firmware update, comes before the pleasure.

You don't have to worry about it that much. After all, the update is just 868 megabytes in size and shouldn't take too long even with a slightly slower line. Just like on the PS4, you start the download via the console's dashboard.

According to Sony, updates on the PS5 should be faster than on the PS4 .

"Downloading and applying game software updates on the PS5 console should generally be faster than on the PS4 console because the data size of updates and patches is managed more effectively."

Faster & smaller installations in the future

Thanks to the built-in SSD, long file copying processes with the PS5 should definitely be a thing of the past. In addition, some games offer the "Preferred Installation" function, which allows you to choose which part of a game should be installed first. For example, you can decide whether only the single player campaign or just the multiplayer is installed.

On the PS4 , this is already possible in the case of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and you can, for example, uninstall it after playing through the campaign in order to regain storage space and then concentrate on the multiplayer. Ultimately, however, it is up to the respective developer to what extent this feature is supported in their titles.

It is not yet known what changes the first firmware update will bring about.

It is also interesting that the PS5 fan control from Sony can still be optimized thanks to such firmware updates. We have summarized all the details on this topic for you in this post:

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