PS5's first death is officially recorded

PlayStation fans all over the world are excited to finally get their hands on the long-awaited Sony PlayStation 5. But when a new game console is launched, there is always the chance that consumers will receive a defective or faulty console. And this is what happened to Youtuber Jeremie Penter, better known as ACG, whose PS5 console has already gone into another world. On Twitter, ACG described their console as "100% dead." Apparently the ACG console was having an issue that caused the console to constantly try to rebuild the warehouse database. This ultimately resulted in the "console" having full blown bugs, network issues, and boot problems. ACG talked to Sony about how to fix these issues, and during the process, the console "died completely."

PS5's first death is officially recorded

Videos of smoking Xbox Series X consoles have appeared on the Internet, but the veracity of these videos has been questioned. In fact, it looks like most of these Xbox Series X smoking videos can be attributed to people blowing vape smoke into the system. 

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