PUBG Mobile - Battle Royale has been moved to Metro. Collaboration with Metro Exodus arrived

PUBG Mobile - Battle Royale has been moved to Metro. Collaboration with Metro Exodus started

PUBG Corporation is proud to announce new details of the collaboration between the two popular series PUBG Mobile and Metro Exodus . The result of the fruitful work of the two teams is an exciting new Metro Royale mode with a number of amazing gameplay features and an innovative progression system.

Can't wait to discover all the unexplored territories? Trust me, it's worth it. Players will have to explore a whole new world of ruins, trenches, bandit camps and other unique objects on the Erangel map.

The new mode is easy to get to: just click on the Metro Tunnel entrance in the menu to enter the Metro Royale game lobby. There you will find all the additional systems and functions, including the black market, equipment inventory, missions, talents, ratings, and many other interesting things. You are ready? It's time to explore a completely new underground world awaiting the brave fans of the Metro Exodus universe, try out unique combat mechanics and even a special vehicle for traveling on rails. The rewards are tempting, but the danger lies in wait for you everywhere. Watch out for enemies hiding in the shadows. To defeat them, the many Metro-themed weapons come in handy, which can be equipped with hanging grenades to add the ability to detonate enemies. And this is just the beginning! A brand new thermal imager will help researchers locate enemies. Don't be afraid of the unknown - special night vision devices will give you an edge in pitch darkness. For those already looking to embark on a new journey and face all the new dangers, there's something else: tough new heavy armor with increased protection!

The list of innovations would be incomplete without many authentic items and enemies from the Metro Exodus universe. Feel free to go into battle with the Tihar rifle. You will surely appreciate its unique silent capabilities! This is especially useful as new enemies await you on the map - cunning and ruthless bandits. Raid them or loot their supplies, but beware of the elite fighters. Defeating them requires special training.

But that's not all! Beware of dangerous Metro monsters that will threaten players from the shadows. Can't wait to start a new adventure? Don't forget to drop by the Black Market, an exclusive Metro Royale store. There, you can not only purchase supplies and new equipment before the start of the match, but also sell the loot you bring for the special Metro Cash currency.

Another great feature is the gear inventory. This is the place where you can store your equipment obtained in battle. Items in the inventory cannot appear during a battle, but they will not be lost if defeated. The items you carry in your backpack will be with you during the match, so be sure to put in enough ammo.

Don't forget to visit the command post! Here you can check the favor of NPCs, find out their backstory, and even give special gifts.

The more they like you, the higher the chances of getting resources from them. The classic PUB MOBILE mode will also bring some new features! Try throwing melee weapons and spike traps. Throw melee weapons at enemies within 40 meters to shoot down players without helmets. Spike traps can help puncture a car's tires without damaging the vehicle itself.

Many more new things are waiting for you! To fully benefit from this incredible collaboration, fans should check out the Royale Pass Season 16 themed Pass and enjoy the Metro-themed UI and many other rewards.

Great news for Android device owners! Today's new version introduces a new easy installation feature. PUBG Mobile is now available with 70% smaller files. Don't worry - you will get the same game!

The basic set weighs only 610MB, while other content can be loaded in segments so players can choose what they want. A new, lightweight setup feature allows you to personalize the game as you wish.

Based on the user's device capacity and model analysis, the system makes cleaning suggestions or the most appropriate download resources. Additionally, general performance optimizations provide a smoother gameplay experience with 10% fewer freezes per match. 

Whether you are a PUBG Mobile connoisseur, a loyal fan of the Metro Exodus universe, or simply a lover of dark worlds with different progression systems - the upcoming Season 16 is the best time to kick off a match in PUBG Mobile!

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