Red Dead Online - Soon heavily reduced as a standalone on Steam & Co

Red Dead Online - Soon heavily reduced as a standalone on Steam & Co

The multiplayer part of Red Dead Redemption 2 gets a separate release on Steam and Co. In addition, Rockstar is expanding the role of the bounty hunter.

Red Dead Online appears as a standalone game on Steam, the Rockstar Launcher, the Microsoft Store, and the Epic Launcher. Rockstar announced this in a blog post .

Accordingly, all players who do not yet have the main game Red Dead Redemption 2 can play the complete package of the multiplayer release, including all future updates.

When is the release? Red Dead Online will appear separately on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. To celebrate the release, Red Dead Online is also reduced by 75 percent until February 15, 2021. Until then, the game costs 5 euros, after which the full 20 euros are due.

How big is the game? Red Dead Online as a standalone version takes up an impressive 125 GB of storage space on your hard drive. This makes it almost as extensive as RDR2 itself, which weighs 150 GB. In the RDO client, players should have the simple option of buying the main game with story campaign.

New content for the bounty hunter role

We had already heard from Rockstar in advance that after the slower naturalist gameplay, action was moving back into focus.

In the week of November 30th to December 4th, the developers are expanding Red Dead Online as part of the next major update. Specifically, the role of the bounty hunter is growing around a surge of new criminals whom you are chasing after.

New ranks: To make this worthwhile, the career path of the bounty hunter has been expanded to include ten more ranks. As known, you will unlock new goodies for your western hero with each rank. There are also new skills to help you hunt down the bounties. But what exactly it is, Rockstar keeps to itself.

More experience: In line with the role expansion, there is also double experience on all missions of the Bounty Hunter in the release week of the patch. This means that the new players also get their first successes a lot faster.

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