Roblox: What is it and how to start playing for free


Roblox: What is it and how to start playing for free

In the gamer community there is a great variety of very popular games , of course some are better known than others, either due to a high investment in marketing, associations with important brands, among other things.

However, there will always be the exception of titles whose growth has been purely organic, and this is thanks to dissemination through platforms such as YouTube or positive comments from video game lovers.

The classic example of this event is the famous Roblox , which with no publicity has won the hearts of many players. If you want to know more about Roblox , in this article you will know the essential aspects of the game, what it is and how to start playing for free .

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a social gaming platform created and founded in 2006 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel . It was originally called Dynablocks and shortly after it adapted its name to "Roblox" , coming from a mix between Robots and Blocks.

In this video game, users have the possibility to create their own worlds or games , also known as universes . Within each game, you will have a character available, which you can direct in the third person, similar to other games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) .

Of course, these maps have different themes , they can be inspired by something from real life such as a monument, or creative structures that float your imagination.

Currently the platform has more than 115 million active users per month , where much of the interest is focused on its gameplay and educational philosophy .

It is a title where your creativity is put to the test, as you will be able to build or enter maps never seen before, enter fully immersive 3D worlds , full of unique experiences and adventures , available to all audiences, especially those under 18 years of age .

What is the popularity of Roblox?

If you know Minecraft , you may find a lot of similarity, since both have a non-linear history where you can explore virtual worlds created by users of all kinds and this feature makes it a striking and admired platform .

To play it, you only need to create an account , build your character, enter any of the thousands of maps that exist and start enjoying an open world full of events.

Their stories are diverse, and the categories are very varied, you may have to annihilate zombies , work and own shops, assemble a team to pass obstacles, train to become the strongest on the map or simply enter and interact in a room , meet people and have a good time.

This interaction with other users can be achieved thanks to its communication panel , where social relationships with the characters in the room prevail and even be part of a private chat .

Special features


Today what predominates in the world of video games are the visually attractive and real aspects. However, Roblox breaks these stereotypes and immerses you in totally flat worlds , whose characters have a similar appearance to Lego figures.

You can customize these characters to your liking , whether it is changing skin tone , modifying faces, hair color , adding extravagant limbs and playing with clothes .

Creation of maps

Video games where you have the freedom to create your own maps or foundations have existed for decades, but this system has become more relevant in recent years. The possibility of creating your own universes and that users can and want to access it is priceless.

In Roblox you will have that freedom thanks to Roblox Studio , it is an application where you will be the architect and owner of numerous designs , you can even sell it if you wish and obtain the precious currency called Robux .

The creation of these maps are very intuitive thanks to the app, it will be like assembling a block figure and it will only depend on your skill levels, creativity and imagination to build fantastic worlds. In addition, you will have the opportunity to develop private maps , both for select groups and for the general public.

Is Roblox safe for children?

Due to its visual aspect, most of the Roblox players are minors, so the developer has taken certain security measures for those who wish to enter some of the rooms, these are the most outstanding:

  • Avatar clothing detection : before starting a game, the software will automatically detect if the players are wearing a suitable outfit, both the character and the avatars.
  • Complaints system : one of the ways to communicate on Roblox is through the chat, this has a complaints section, which you can put into practice when finding inappropriate content.
  • Chat moderation : thanks to the software that integrates this title, grotesque and indecent words are not allowed.
  • Customizable parental controls : one of the most attractive things about the platform is the possibility of filtering certain types of content, this work is done by parents once the game has been installed.

How to start playing for free

To play Roblox for free, it is essential to have a mobile device, it can be a mid-range or higher smartphone, an Xbox One console, and of course input computers or higher. And most important of all, have the desire to play , know, explore new worlds and why not? create your own rooms and sell them to get some extra money.

Being an online game it is necessary to have a stable internet connection , it is recommended that it be greater than 3 megabytes of download, if it exceeds this amount, the gaming experience will be much better, since you will not suffer from uncomfortable lag during a game .

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