Rumors: Hideo Kojima is developing Silent Hill for PS5

Despite its cancellation 5 years ago, one project that won't die is Kojima Productions' Silent Hills, a reboot of the Survival horror franchise from Hideo Kojima and directed by Guillermo del Toro. Rumors have surfaced once again that the game is in development again and Sony is partnering with Kojima Productions and Konami to make the game a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Although this rumor has surfaced before, this time it comes from Moore's Law is Dead, who previously leaked the sequel to God of War (2018) prior to its announcement. In the latest episode of the Broken Silicon podcast, host Tom claims he can " almost confirm " that Silent Hill is in development for the PlayStation 5 from Kojima Productions, for an announcement at the Game Awards 2020.

Rumors: Hideo Kojima is developing Silent Hill for PS5

In the same podcast, he also claims that Bluepoint's next game will be a remake of Metal Gear Solid, another game from Konami. Reportedly, this remake of Metal Gear Solid has been in development for three years, with Mark Cerny directly involved in the development of the game. He also claims that despite the fact that they have been in development for quite some time, gameplay demos are ready to be shown at upcoming events, Sony is waiting for the announcement of the games, since it does not want to repeat the mistakes Microsoft made when disclosing Halo Infinite. The man touched on recent rumors that Sony is reconciling Hideo Kojima and Konami after their public scandal that lasted for several months. However, Death Stranding was announced just six months after Sony announced its partnership with Hideo Kojima.

Also, given the troubles that Hideo Kojima went through that led to his very open departure from Konami, it's understandable why the director doesn't want to reunite with the publisher, along with Guillermo del Toro. It's also worth mentioning that PT was recently made unplayable on the PlayStation 5 thanks to backward compatibility, which means Konami is most likely still trying to make fans forget that Silent Hill ever existed.

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