Season 1 CoD Cold War: Battle Pass, new maps and weapons at a glance

We summarize all known details about the start date of the first season, Nuketown and the Battle Pass.

The first season of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War was officially presented. As with the predecessor MW, Seasons contain free replenishment of maps, weapons and game modes as well as a Battle Pass each. Thanks to leaks, we already know the first details in advance - here is our big overview.

What comes when

  • Nuketown Release: Tuesday, November 24th
  • Season start: Thursday, December 10th

Nuketown & Bundle (November 24th)

Nuketown & Bundle (November 24th)

Each Black Ops has had its own version of Nuketown, which is considered one of the most popular maps in the series . So it's no wonder the card is making a return in Cold War! You shouldn't expect any big surprises with the layout, but the style of the desert map will be adapted to the 80s setting.

You can already get a first impression of the new Nuketown look on reddit , and a reliable dataminer has also published more pictures on Twitter:

Matching the Nuketown map, all players who logged in at least once before November 20th (or purchased the game before December 4th) will receive the Nuketown Weapons Bundle. This is a shotgun blueprint for the Hauer 77 and nine cosmetic items, such as weapon tags, stickers and calling cards.

More new maps (from December 10th)

In addition to Nuketown, other maps are planned: On the roadmap for Season 1 there is talk of several "new maps". What it is exactly is not yet known.

According to rumors, there should be three maps, namely Dune, Mall and Apocalypse - but this has not yet been proven. But also the Gunfight mode is back in Season 1 brings new maps into the game!

Gunfight Returns (Dec 10th)

Surprise: Hardly anyone would have expected Cold War to continue the 2vs2 mode. Gunfight was first introduced in CoD Modern Warfare and quickly grew in popularity. When asked, the Treyarch developers informed us that Gunfight was getting its own maps that were specially developed for this mode. 

New weapons (from December 10th)

  • Groza: The picture from the season roadmap already confirms it: The new weapons include the OZ-14 Grosa, a Russian assault rifle with a caliber of 7.62 mm from the early 1990s (i.e., strictly speaking, no longer from the Cold War era ).
  • Striker: In addition to the Groza, a new shotgun is also considered safe: In the picture for the new season, Adler is holding the Striker in his hands, a shotgun designed in the 70s with a revolver principle. A corresponding calling card was discovered in the game files in advance:

  • Mac-11: The MAC-11 has not yet been confirmed. This submachine gun is a compact variant of the infamous MAC-10 in caliber .38 or 9mm Parabellum and, like the Striker-Shotgun, was already discovered in the files of the game: 

The Cold War Battle Pass (December 10th)

The DLC model of Modern Warfare is continued in Cold War, so with each season a Battle Pass appears with a free and a paid path.

While the weapons are back in the free version, you unlock additional cosmetic items in the premium version. These include operator skins, weapon skins and trailers - the first rewards from Season 1 have already been spotted: 

In addition, a leak suggests that the wristwatches from Modern Warfare are also making a return. They are purely optical in nature and show, for example, the current level of the player or selected emblems in the game:


The 2XP tokens are also on board in the Battle Pass. These bonuses double the experience points you have earned for the player or weapon level for a certain period of time and help you to level up as quickly as possible or to unlock attachments . The first screenshots of the XP brands have already appeared on the web:


Game Modes & Warzone Event (December 10th)

Season 1 should offer more new game modes, including a new Zombies mode for co-op. There is also talk of a "secret new Warzone experience." What exactly is behind this remains unclear.

Fans suspect behind the cryptic description a first change in the Verdansk map towards the Cold War - because with the start of Season 1, Warzone & Cold War will be merged from December 10th. 

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