SKIDROW hacked Cloudpunk

SKIDROW hacked Cloudpunk

Hacking group SKIDROW announced that they managed to hack Cloudpunk . The game was protected by a new defense - Aderow, which was created by one of Denuvo's former employees, Christopher Glaber.

According to Mr_Goldberg , Aderow provides a simplified version of Denuvo, which nevertheless still gives hackers a lot of headaches.

But, judging by the caustic comments of the hackers, the clone was not as successful as its famous Austrian original - SKIDROW told the creator of the protection that it was not good enough. At the same time, the game remained uncracked for six months.

In addition, this protection is also used in the game Partisans 1941 - at the moment the release version of the game remains uncracked (but there is a hacked pre-release beta build that has all the content and was unprotected by anything)

Cloudpunk features a character named Rania. And today is her first night shift at Cloudpunk, a semi-legal delivery service from the vast city of Nivalis. There are two rules: bring on time and do not ask what is in the parcel.

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