So you use the unusually large mushroom in WoW and get your frog mount

So you use the unusually large mushroom in WoW and get your frog mount

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is full of new secrets that players can discover, some of which they encounter quite early. One of these secrets is the "unusually large mushroom" that can be found in the Ardenwald. You can use it to get a secret mount. We tells you how to do it.

What's that for a mushroom? The unusually large mushroom is an item that you will probably find for the first time quite early in the quest in the Ardenwald. It only lasts 20 minutes and cannot be used directly.

You need it in order to get the mount "Toad", a rideable frog through a hidden task. However, the mushroom itself looks rarer than it actually is.

Where can i get it? The unusually large mushroom drops everywhere in the Ardenwald and in the associated dungeons, The Andre Side and Fog of Tirna Scithe. Incidentally, the latter are among the three best dungeons in Shadowlands .

Every opponent there has the chance to drop this mushroom as prey. It's not that rare and you don't have to farm it explicitly. If you're just doing world quests or other activities, you should find one quickly. Otherwise you can kill any opponent in the areas.

Plant an unusually large mushroom and dust off the forest eater

This is how you use the mushroom: When you have organized a mushroom, bring it in the Ardenwald to coordinates 32/30 in the northwest, northwest of Traumsang Fenn. 

At this point you will find the object "Moist clay". Use the clay while you have the mushroom in your inventory and a "fast growing mushroom" appears. After a few seconds this becomes the rare opponent Ri'sig.

Ri'sig has a ton of hit points, so be sure to bring friends. It is enough for someone to plant the mushroom. If you have defeated Ri'sig, he is guaranteed to have the “Toad” mount with him.

What other secrets are there? In Shadowlands there are some hidden quests, NPCs or secrets that you can discover in every corner. 

Since we are entering the realm of the dead with the new expansion, this offers many opportunities to meet old friends again and at the same time to go completely new ways. But not all players seem to like that.

Even if Shadowlands is full of content, there were extremely bad reviews on Metacritic just at the release . This is slowly improving, but there are still dissatisfied players. How about you: is Shadowlands hit or flop?

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