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SpellForce 3 - "Fallen God" Story Trailer

SpellForce 3 - "Fallen God" Story Trailer

Yesterday, November 3, the second standalone add-on for strategy with RPG elements SpellForce 3 , which will be called "Fallen God", will go on sale . In anticipation of this event, Grimlore Games studio and THQ Nordic have published a story trailer for the upcoming novelty.

A short video tells viewers about trolls, whose numbers are rapidly dwindling due to disease and poachers who hunt representatives of this race for their fangs. As a result, the leader of the tribe was killed by the elves and now his son, Akrog, has to find a way to save his fellows, and at the same time to resurrect the fallen god. How this story will end, users will be able to find out during the twenty-hour campaign.

Also, simultaneously with the expansion, the release of "Versus" , a special free version of the game, which includes only access to multiplayer and battles with opponents controlled by artificial intelligence, should take place.