SpellForce 3 - Multiplayer Coming As A Standalone Version

SpellForce 3 - Multiplayer Coming As A Standalone Version

Tomorrow, on November 3, held an official release independent addition "Fallen God" with elements for a strategy RPG SpellForce 3 , which allows to take control of trolls nomads trying to find their place under the sun in this cruel fantasy world. However, this expansion is not the only new product included in the development plan of the Grimlore Games studio.

On the same day, a version of the game called "Versus" will be released, providing access exclusively to the multiplayer component and offering to take part in rating battles or test your strength in battles against opponents controlled by artificial intelligence. Moreover, absolutely everyone will be able to evaluate it, since the creators have chosen a shareware distribution model. 

True, there is one "but", the faction for users - orcs, humans or elves - is determined automatically at the first start. However, the sale will be set "Multiplayer Upgrade Pack", unlocking and other races.

Multiplayer Upgrade Pack

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