Spider-Man Miles Morales FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Spider-Man Miles Morales FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Spider-Man Miles Morales?

Spider-Man Miles Morales is a standalone spin-off of Marvel's Spider-Man . It is therefore a more or less direct sequel, which does not have a "2" in the title simply because it is a slightly shorter adventure, less rich in novelty, and which takes the side. to take a little more interest in Miles Morales rather than Peter Parker. We follow the adventures of Miles when he discovers his powers, and that he trains with his new mentor Peter, to also become Spider-Man. He must then face new threats when a war arises within Harlem.

When and where does Spider-Man Miles Morales come out?

Spider-Man Miles Morales will be available on November 19, 2020 on PS4 and PS5 in India and other countries. Note however that it will be released a week before in certain other countries, such as the United States where it will be available from November 12, at the same time as the PS5.

Do you have to own the first Spider-Man to play this one?

Since this is a standalone, no, you don't have to have the previous game to play this one. This is not a simple DLC or an expansion, but a whole other game that takes the basics of the first.

Do you have to have played the previous Spider-Man for this one?

It is necessarily preferable to have played the previous title to better enjoy the history of this opus. Miles is a character that we met as a civilian in the first game, which means that his origins are mostly discussed in the latter.

That being said, for those who know a little about its history in the comics or the like, you can skip it without being too lost, provided you know a little bit about the universe of the superhero.

Can we play on PS5 if we have a version of the PS4 game?

It is quite possible to play on PS5 with a PS4 version, thanks to the backward compatibility. You will also be able to take advantage of a free upgrade to get a PS5 version of the game.

Can I transfer saves from a PS4 version to the PS5?

You will be able to keep your game and your progress by switching from the PS4 to the PS5, for those who would like to play when the title is released without having to pay for a PS5 right away.

Can we upgrade Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 to PS5 to get the remaster?

Sadly, Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered is considered a game in its own right, quite different from the one on PS4, though it's still the same apart from the technical improvements. So even if you already own the game, you will need to checkout again to get the remaster.

How to buy Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered on PS5?

For now, Insomniac Games has confirmed that the game will only be sold as a bundle with Spider-Man Miles Morales . Which means that the only way to get the game will be to pay for the Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales edition , which includes the two games as a bundle.

If you purchased the Simple Edition, you will be able to pay an upgrade to upgrade to the Ultimate Edition and get the game. Therefore, it will not be possible to purchase the remaster without purchasing Spider-Man Miles Morales .

Can I transfer Marvel's Spider-Man saves to Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered?

As stated before, Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered is primarily considered a new game. You will therefore not be able to transfer your saves from the PS4 version to the Remastered version on PS5.

What are the improvements and changes in the PS5 versions of Spider-Man Miles Morales and Spider-Man Remastered?

As for the Remastered , the title will offer the possibility of playing in 4K or 60 fps, with very reduced loading times, new costumes, but it is above all the change of actor for Peter Parker that we will remember the most.

For Spider-Man Miles Morales , all the changes will be in terms of performance, with the possibility of displaying ray-tracing and the sensations offered by the DualSense controller. Two game modes will be present, one which will favor fluidity, while the other will display superior image quality.

What are the powers of Miles Morales?

While Miles can swing from building to building and is entitled to superhuman strength and agility like his mentor Peter, he also has a few unique powers, such as his ability to make himself invisible for a short period of time, which will be very useful during the infiltration phases. He can also use bioelectric discharges to fight and move very quickly in combat.

How many characters will be playable?

Unlike the first game, only Miles Morales should be playable here. So don't expect to play with Peter in this standalone, which will therefore be exclusively focused on the young hero.

Who will be the villains of Spider-Man Miles Morales?

For now, only two villains have revealed. The first is none other than the Handyman, which we saw in a trailer during a PS5 conference. We will also find Rhino, which was revealed to him in gameplay clips.

What is the difference between the city of New York in the first game and that of this opus?

The playing field will a priori be the same as that of the previous game, except that the title will take place during the end of the year holidays, with a veil of snow that will cover New York.

Will the game be entitled to DLC?

A priori, we shouldn't see a story-centric DLC coming out after the title, given that this one is a standalone. However, it is not impossible that new costumes will arrive later, even if they should be free, as for the first opus.

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