Spider-Man Miles Morales: How do I get Activity Tokens and High Tech Coins?

Spider-Man Miles Morales: How do I get Activity Tokens and High Tech Coins?

In Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales , a lot of your activities will be rewarded with tokens. But how do you get them? And what are they for? This article is there to answer your questions and introduce you to this reward and improvement system.


The token system from the previous Marvel's Spider-Man game has been greatly simplified in the stand alone Miles Morales. Gone are the 6 categories of tokens inherent in each of your activities. Everything has been grouped together in the aptly named "activity tokens".

Side missions

How do I get Activity Tokens and High Tech Coins?

Very early in the main storyline, after mission 5 , you will unlock the "Friendly neighborhood spider" app. In a small swipe on the central pad and Miles unsheathes his phone and has access to all the panicked calls from his fellow New Yorkers. There are three types of side missions:

  • The scripted side missions . Longer, more complex and more important than the others, these missions are worth 10 activity tokens each.
  • The activities of the ASDQ app . Less original and faster to complete, they are worth 8 activity tokens each.
  • The Crimes . Crimes are small activities that regularly appear in the streets of New York during your walks. Whether it is a racket, a chase or a simple little fight, these activities allow you to recover at least 1 activity token . To get more, you have to achieve secondary objectives that are not always obvious (throw 5 objects in the face of your opponents, perform a particular bio-electric action...).


Almost all collectibles allow you to collect a few activity tokens:

  • Time capsules allow you to earn 3.
  • Peter's workouts can earn up to 3 if you pass them brilliantly.
  • Roxxon's labs and Underground lairs allow 4 to be recovered.
  • Rio postcards allow you to win 5 tokens.
  • The sound samples allow you to win 5 tokens.


The high-tech pieces used by Roxxon and the Underground allow, like tokens, to create outfits and gadgets. At first glance, this is a resource that seems much more valuable than Activity Tokens. But you won't need a lot of high-tech parts to build what you want to build.

Since it is about stealing technology from the big bad guys in the storyline, you can only collect high tech coins by searching the caches of the Undergroud (1 high tech per cache), by infiltrating a lair in the Underground. or by blowing up a Roxxon lab (3 high tech + up to 4 high tech bonus thanks to optional objectives).


You will need these tokens to craft new outfits or gadgets, and to craft mods. In short, to improve Spider-man . Suffice to say that their harvest is far from optional if you plan to fight against the crime that is ravaging the city.

The necessary tokens are indicated next to each item to create and improve, you just have to follow the recipe! If you don't have access to the recipe for an outfit or gadget, it's just because you haven't gotten far enough into the main storyline. Do not hesitate to consult our guides to finish it more easily!

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