Spots for farming souls | Demon's Souls Remake

Spots for farming souls | Demon's Souls Remake

Souls are the greatest good at Demon's Souls and since the remake of the stockpile glitch for the PS5 no longer exists, you have to farm them the classic way. We show you which opponents can get the most souls in a quick run.

Farming souls in Demon's Souls - general tips

As the game progresses, you will get numerous souls and farming will be easier, but at the beginning it is still a difficult task. However, there are opponents who provide you with more souls than others . These include the blue-eyed and red-eyed knights, as well as the flying rays - we will go into all three in the further course of our article.

If you go hunting for souls, you should prepare well for it. There are items or spells that help you to increase the amount of souls you can win. Some of them you get very early in the game, for others you first have to become stronger and progress through the levels. The following equipment will help you farm souls:

  • Get the Ring of Greed , with which you will get 20% more souls.

  • If you play a female character, you can still put on the silver bracelet , which gives you an additional 10% souls.

  • If you have chosen a class that can do magic, get the thirst of soul spell from Yuria (in exchange for a golden demon soul from the old monk boss). But remember that you can exchange this soul for other spells, miracles or weapons.

  • The thief's ring can also help with your project. This means you are less visible to opponents and can concentrate better on individual battles without having to face hordes.

Farm souls at the Greedy King's Wedge (World 1)

The first possibility to farm souls very quickly is after you have defeated the tower knight. The opponents who supply you so well with souls here are the blue-eyed knights . You meet them shortly before the entrance to the Boss Arena.

Start at the Keilstein Vorburg and walk back towards 1-2. Right in the gate you can see the first knight with blue eyes. If you sneak up on you, you can draw many HP from him from behind using the backstab. Then grab the second knight.

Then return to the Keilstein, spawn again in the same place and the fun starts all over again. With this method you will get 400 souls per knight depending on the equipment. It's not much, but okay to start with.

The following video from Dan Allen Gaming shows you how soul farming works in World 1-2.

In the first world you will find a red-eyed knight at the gate to the Old King Dorian . In World 1-3 you will face even more opponents of this type. They are still a real challenge at the beginning, but as soon as you are up to it, you can get around 2,000 souls from the opponent.

Even if it is claimed on the internet that one can farm souls with the red knights , we are not so convinced of it . The way to get there, including struggle and risk, is far too much effort to be called farming. But everyone has to make the decision for themselves.

The following video from xHolmesWalkthroughsx7 shows you how you can easily defeat the red-eyed knight.

Farming souls at the Shadowmen Keilstein (World 4)

This is actually a very good way to farm souls. Go to the Keilstein Path of Rituals (4-2) and look straight ahead. In the distance you can already see the flying rays that bring you 1,000 souls per enemy. So if you have a bow (it is best to improve it to at least +5) you can start farming here.

The real opponent who will make you rich is right below you. Run into the tunnel and equip your bow or spell again. Concentrate your attacks on the reaper because all enemies down there will die with him.

If you rely on hand-to-hand combat, the reaper can be more of a challenge. Nevertheless, you won't regret the fight, because as soon as all opponents die, you will receive around 4,500 souls , depending on the buffs .

The following video from McRaptor shows you how easy this farming method is.

If you penetrate deeper into world 4, you will defeat the Storm King. There you will find the Storm Lord sword and this is exactly what helps you to kill flying rays in another place if you don't have a bow.

Go to the Keilstein Monolith Forest and turn around. Run to the rubble and push yourself tightly into the right corner of the crumbling building from inside. From there you can easily fetch the rays from the sky with the Storm Lord. If you were successful, you will be richer by 15,000 souls per run and depending on the buffs .

We are of course on the lookout for other or new opponents and places where you can properly farm souls in Demon's Souls: Remake. As soon as we find something, we'll update this article.

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