Star Citizen Trailer and Videos for IAE 2950 and Upcoming Content


Star Citizen Trailer and Videos for IAE 2950 and Upcoming Content

Cloud developer Imperium Games has released a trailer and a couple of new videos about the Star Citizen space simulator .

The first video is a teaser trailer for the upcoming Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, which starts November 20 and ends December 3.

The annual show will take place in Microtech's capital New Babbage. Every day, a new set of ships from different manufacturers will be on display, and anyone can play with them for free, regardless of sponsor status.

Of course, it looks like Jeremy Clarkson-like Jax McCleary will be returning with his Stig-like mate.

The second video demonstrates interaction with the environment the team is working on, as well as an update on the Esperia Talon.

We'll also take a closer look at refinery decks for space stations and conceptual 3D work done for planetary estates.

The third video is an extensive Q&A with the developers about the evolution of the experience for ships and vehicles.

According to other Star Citizen news, the total crowdfunding at the time of this writing is $ 317,058,062.

The number of registered accounts also exceeds 2.8 million (currently 2,853,974). As usual, keep in mind that not all of them pay. This number includes free accounts created for various reasons, including free events.

Star Citizen will be released around the 21st century ;)

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