The best professions guide for WoW Shadowlands - All information & details

The best professions guide for WoW Shadowlands - All information & details

With World of Warcraft : Shadowlands, the professions in the MMORPG get a new, bigger meaning. Old recipes are returning, new possibilities are open and the way they are made is also changing. We explains everything you need to know about crafting in the new expansion in the large professions guide.

Many professions in World of Warcraft are getting a major overhaul with Shadowlands. Quite a few recipes from the past are returning, similar to the returning class skills .

In general, the professions should be given a higher priority again. They are more dependent on each other again and each individual profession should again have a greater influence on the game.

In our guide we show you what these innovations and changes look like, how every profession changes itself and what you should pay attention to in general.

General changes to the professions

What's new? One of the biggest changes is the optional crafting materials . With these you can determine, among other things, which properties manufactured items have, create additional effects or change the item level.

In addition, manufacturing professions are generally becoming more relevant again. Because in Shadowlands there is the possibility to create legendary items. To do this, however, you need "blank armor" that is produced by the various professions. Among other things, they should ensure that professions bring you the whole addon about gold.

You can also find diaries, for example when killing monsters when completing world quests. With the journals you have the possibility to collect skill points faster. A diary can be read per week, which then grants you 5 skill points (via wowhead ).

These are the optional crafting materials

What are optional reagents and what do they do? There are several types of optional ingredients that you can use in making an item. As your skill level increases, you unlock more slots with which you can add these reagents.

All optional craft materials

  • Fonts that add secondary values ​​such as tempo
  • Craftsman's marks that affect the required level and item level of Shadowlands equipment
  • Relics of the past that affect the required level and item level of old equipment

further reagents with different effects:

  • Alchemist's Pouch: Increases the duration of flask effects
  • Artisan's Bag: Grants a chance for an additional skill point when crafted
  • Elethium socket: Adds a base
  • Hydrodynamic Accelerator: Increases swimming speed
  • Loosened belt: saturation effects last longer
  • Luxurious Feather: Reduces fall damage
  • Necrotic Microcapacitor: Completing world quests increases your primary attribute
  • Reinforced girdle: In arenas and on battlefields, saturation effects last beyond death
  • Shadowy Harespaw: Increases movement speed

Where can I get these reagents? The various professions can make these reagents, such as the inscriptionist can make the scriptures.

The marks of the craftsman and relics of the past can learn and craft most of the manufacturing trades themselves.

Learn and improve the new professions with the teacher

Where can I find the new teachers? The trainers for the Shadowlands professions can be found in the new capital Oribos - there in the northwest, in the Hall of Forms. All the teachers are gathered there.

Legendary Items - Templates and Crafting

What are legendary items? The Legendarys return in Shadowlands - the most powerful pieces of equipment available in the game. Unlike in Legion, you will be able to easily create them in the upcoming addon.

You have an influence on which secondary stats will be on the item, which legendary effect it will have and which equipment slot it should be able to use. This bypasses the annoying random factor that annoyed players in Legion.

With the items, some well-known effects return that were already found on the "old Legendarys". But there are also partially new effects or those that are derived from the Azerite armor of Battle for Azeroth.

The restriction is that you have to unlock the effects yourself and not every effect fits every slot.

How can I make it? To manufacture you have to go to one of the other new features of Shadowlands: Torghast, the Tower of the Damned . There you unlock the rune mason in the introductory quest line. You will need some materials to make the legendary items:

  • a manufactured armor for the corresponding slot
  • an unlocked, legendary property for the corresponding slot
  • Fonts for the corresponding secondary values
  • Soul ash

The armor can be made by any manufacturing profession for the corresponding armor class. Rings and neck pieces are available from jewelers. However, you need a lot of resources for this blank equipment, some of which require a lot of grind.

The writings are available from the inscriptionist. You get the legendary effects through memories that you can earn and even embrace through PvP, raids or dungeons. Take them to the runecutter and he will learn the appropriate trait.

For the ashes you have to fight your way directly through Torghast. There is a certain amount per week for clearing the two open wings in the tower. You will then also need the ashes and other items to upgrade the items to higher item levels.

Profession Guide for Shadowlands: Alchemy

Otherwise, the range of strengthening potions has become a bit wider and the potions have a synergy with the gun oils. The efficiency increases if you use both.

The most important new recipes

The alchemist's recipes
  • Spectral Vial: Boost the main attribute or stamina for an hour
  • Alchemist stones
  • Strengthening / Combat Potions for Main Attributes
  • Strengthening potions / combat potions for special effects such as additional damage with a synergy with the weapon oils
  • Gun oils that cause damage or healing
  • Head candle: Cosmetic headboard
  • Shadow Dread Bars that blacksmiths and jewelers need to create legendary items
  • Shadow stones that you need for your alchemist stones and the new cauldrons

Tips: what can I do with the profession in Shadowlands?

This is how useful the profession is in the expansion: Virtually every recipe from the alchemist is useful throughout the expansion. As in the previous expansions, most of the players will always be dependent on consumables such as bottles and potions.

The new weapon oils make you even more valuable as an alchemist. How strong the oils will actually be in the end remains to be seen. However, there will probably always be some buyers.

Finally, the bars are something you can make a lot of profit with, especially at the beginning of the expansion. Many players will want at least the first legendary item as early as possible.

Which classes are particularly suitable?

  • All

Shadowlands Profession Guide: Engineering

The most important changes in brief: The engineers have changed very little compared to previous extensions. You will still get access to firearms and useful, but not immediately necessary, gadgets.

Belt improvements with various effects are available to you to make yourself invisible outside of combat or to damage attackers in close combat. In addition, there are again glasses as head armor for each armor class.

The most important new recipes

The engineer's recipes
  • Ectoplasmic Goggles: Head armor for every armor class that increases your engineering skill by 20 and lets you look into the distance when used
  • Disposable Spectrophasic Resuscitator: A resuscitation in combat ("Battlerez"), which, as usual, can also malfunction
  • Gravimetric Jamming Cannon: Prevents enemies from moving or throws them into the air ... as long as there is no misfire
  • 533L3N-F4LL3: A trap that will banish an enemy for a minute if it works
  • PHA7-YNX: A pet
  • various bombs, belt improvements and telescopic sights for ranged weapons

Tips: what can I do with the profession in Shadowlands?

This is how useful the profession is in expansion: As usual, engineers are more nice than really useful. Very few things that you can make at the beginning are really needed - except by yourself.

The revival in combat and the soul trap, however, at least allow you to be more than just a nice accessory later in the expansion for tougher challenges such as mythical keystone dungeons. With the two objects you can control certain opponents or prevent a wipe.

As an engineer, however, there is an auction house in Oribos available to you, which is helpful if you do not have the auction house mount. That costs 5 million gold in Battle for Azeroth and from Shadowlands it is only available on the black market . All other professions have to go to the capitals.

Which classes are particularly suitable?

  • All

Shadowlands Profession Guide: Inscription

The most important changes in brief: Scribes receive the new writings as recipes with which other professions can determine which secondary values ​​a manufactured object receives. These fonts are also relevant for legendary items.

Otherwise, as with the engineers, not much changes. You still have the Darkmoon Cards as popular trinkets to start with, the contracts for faster reputation farming and various useful consumables in your portfolio.

The most important new recipes

The inscriptionist's recipes
  • Dunkelmondkarten: Sind besonders zu Beginn der Erweiterung beliebt, da die resultierenden Schmuckst├╝cke vergleichsweise schnell und leicht zu erhalten, dabei aber auch recht stark sind
  • Fonts: Are required to provide items of other professions and legendary items with secondary values
  • Vantus runes: Increase your versatility with a boss in the new raids for a week
  • Contracts: Increase the reputation received with the new factions when completing world quests
  • Faefestmaske: Cosmetic headboard

Tips: what can I do with the profession in Shadowlands?

This is how useful the profession is in the extension: In principle, inscriptionists are in demand for the entire extension, as they provide important materials for all other professions with the scripts.

In addition, the Vantus runes are useful right up to the end and almost necessary for many progress guilds. Codices and tomes are also required throughout, but both in small quantities or at a relatively low price.

At the beginning of the expansion, however, you will be able to make a lot of money with the dark moon cards and the contracts. The top players in your realms will probably do everything in their power to move forward as quickly as possible, and to this end, items of jewelery that can be bought and a reputation that can be obtained faster are extremely important.

Otherwise you have the option of making scrolls that open the boxes. This is especially useful when you don't have a villain within reach.

Which classes are particularly suitable?

  • All

Shadowlands Profession Guide: Jewelcrafting

The most important changes in brief: The biggest changes are the new template rings and necklaces. You need these to make legendary rings and necklaces at the rune mason.

It also changes how you process gemstones. Unlike in Battle for Azeroth, you now always need two raw gems for rare socket stones and four for the rare ones to make the base stones in Shadowlands.

You will have to mix the colors again yourself. So purple base stones need about blue and red base stones.

The most important new recipes

The jeweler's recipes
  • Shadow Fright Ring: Basic ring for making legendary rings
  • Shadow Fright Necklace: Basic necklace for making legendary necklaces
  • Socket Stones: Improve a secondary stat when placed in a socket
  • Crown of the Righteous: Cosmetic Headboard

Tips: what can I do with the profession in Shadowlands?

This is how useful the profession is in the expansion: pedestals will be useful throughout the expansion. Probably even more useful than usual in Shadowlands, as the optional crafting materials and a new item in the throat allow more items to be specifically provided with sockets.

Since you as a jeweler also create the basis for legendary rings and necklaces, you will be particularly popular at the beginning of the expansion. Even later, for new characters or possibly changes in balance, these recipes will be worthwhile.

Otherwise, manufactured rings and necklaces are always quite popular, especially for new characters in order to quickly increase the item level. These equipment slots are otherwise rather cumbersome to occupy, especially fresh at level 60.

Which classes are particularly suitable?

  • All

Profession Guide for Shadowlands: Leatherworking

The most important changes in brief: Like blacksmiths, tailors and jewelers, you as a leather processor can produce the basic armor for legendary equipment. Since you make leather and chain armor, you are responsible for most of the classes in the game. However, you need enchanters to supply you with the necessary materials.

Armor sets are also returning, with which you can increase the stamina on certain armor parts for two hours. These sets have been around since Classic, but have since been forgotten or have completely disappeared.

As a leather processor, you can also make drums that produce a "small version" of the rage effects. These drums are much weaker with Shadowlands and only manage 15% speed instead of 25% as before. The actual skills of magicians, shamans and co. Increase the speed by 30%.

The most important new recipes

The Lederer's recipes
  • Bone Slapping Armor: Chain armor that is used to craft legendary gear
  • Umbral Leather Armor: Leather armor that is used to make legendary equipment
  • Gramkin armor sets: Increase stamina on the chest, legs, feet, or hands for two hours
  • Drums of Deadly Ferocity: All party and raid members haste by 15% for 40 seconds
  • Comfortable Riding Harness: Mount equipment that prevents you from being dazed while riding
  • various bows and crossbows

Tips: what can I do with the profession in Shadowlands?

This is how useful the profession is in the expansion: With the new, legendary armor, you will be relevant throughout the expansion. However, it can happen that you cannot achieve optimal prices with an oversupply on your realm.

The armor sets and the drums are also nice additions that are not necessary, however. For players who want to improve by a few percent or who rely on the drums, both are practical tools.

Which classes are particularly suitable?

  • Villain
  • monk
  • Demon Hunter
  • Druid
  • Hunters, especially since you can also make your own weapons for launch
  • shaman
These classes are good because you can provide yourself with them. If you mainly play alone or just want to spend less gold, it makes sense to choose leatherworking and skinning.

Shadowlands Profession Guide: Blacksmithing

The most important changes in brief: As a blacksmith you produce the basic armor for the legendary plate armor, similar to what leather processors, tailors and jewelers do for their armor classes. However, you are dependent on enchanters and, if necessary, alchemists in order to obtain the corresponding raw materials.

In addition, with Shadowlands, the weight and whetstones for blunt and sharp weapons are back. When used, these increase the attack power of the corresponding weapon for one hour. However, only one weight / whetstone or one gun oil can be active per weapon, not both.

The most important new recipes

The blacksmith's recipes
  • Shadow Terror Armor: Plate armor that is used to craft legendary equipment
  • Shadow Dread Bars: Required to make the basic armor for legendary plate armor
  • Weight stones: Increase the attack power of blunt weapons for one hour
  • Whetstones: Increase the attack power of sharp weapons for one hour
  • various plate armor, melee weapons and a shield

Tips: what can I do with the profession in Shadowlands?

This is how useful the profession is in the expansion: Since you supply death knights as well as paladins and warriors with legendary armor, blacksmiths in Shadowlands are a little more sought after than they were in Battle for Azeroth.

The weight and whetstones will also be needed for the entire expansion, as they can be used in addition to strengthening potions and other buffs. After all, everyone likes to take free refreshments with them.

Otherwise you have the option of making lockpicks to open boxes. This is especially useful when you don't have a villain within reach.

Which classes are particularly suitable?

  • paladin
  • Death knight
  • warrior
If you want to support yourself, take mining as a second job. However, one way or another you have to rely on enchanters who have to produce Enchanted Elethium Bars for you for the legendary armor.

Shadowlands Profession Guide: Tailoring

The most important changes in brief: Like blacksmiths, leather processors and jewelers, you as a tailor can produce the basic armor for the new legendary armor - in your case for cloth armor. Like blacksmiths and leather workers, however, you have to rely on enchanters to get the right materials.

With the “bag made of lightless silk” there is again a larger bag with 32 spaces. Otherwise, however, there have been no notable changes for Schneider.

The most important new recipes

The tailor's recipes
  • Veil of Sorrows: Cloth armor used to craft legendary equipment
  • Bandages: Since the abolition of first aid , tailors have been able to produce bandages that restore life points over a few seconds
  • Festive pink hat: cosmetic headboard
  • Bag made of lightless silk: 32-place container

Tips: what can I do with the profession in Shadowlands?

This is how useful the job is in the expansion: With the larger bags you can probably earn money for the entire expansion. However, it is not yet entirely certain how big the profit will be and how difficult it is for you to get the materials.

Also, the legendary cloth armors are relevant, but only until the market is saturated (and then for twinks). The associations, on the other hand, have traditionally been neglected. So don't expect too much demand.

Which classes are particularly suitable?

  • Sorcerer
  • priest
  • magician

Profession Guide for Shadowlands: Enchanting

The most important changes in brief: Enchanters are getting what is probably the most extensive makeover in Shadowlands - apart from the legendary items. You will be able to enchant almost all equipment slots again.

In addition to these enchantments, you create the materials that leather workers, tailors and blacksmiths need to create legendary armor.

The most important new recipes

The enchanter's recipes
  • Enchantments: Various new enchantments for many equipment slots. We have listed all enchantments for you under "All new enchantments"
  • Enchanted Lightless Silk: Used by tailors to create legendary armor
  • Enchanted Elethium Bar: Used by blacksmiths to create legendary armor
  • Enchanted Heavy Hidehide: Used by leatherworkers to create legendary armor

All new enchantments


  • Eternal Agility: Increases Agility by 15
  • Agile Soul Shifter: Increases Agility by 10
  • Soul Treads: Reduces fall damage by 10%

  • Eternal Intelligence: Increases Intelligence by 15
  • Enlightened Soul: Increases Intelligence by 10
  • Raised Rest: Reduces the cooldown of Hearthstone in the Shadowlands by 5 minutes

  • Eternal Limits: Increases Intelligence by 20 and maximum mana by 6%
  • Eternal values: increases all values ​​by 30
  • Eternal Skirmish: Increases Strength or Agility by 20 and has a chance to inflict additional Shadow damage during automatic attacks
  • Eternal Insight: Increases Intellect by 20 and has a chance to deal additional Shadow damage while casting and using abilities
  • Eternal Bulwark: Increases armor by 25 and strength or mobility by 20
  • Holy stats: increases all stats by 20

  • Soul Vitality: Increases stamina by 30
  • Increased Speed: Increases stamina by 20 and speed by 30
  • Enhanced Avoidance: Increases Stamina by 20 and Avoidance by 30
  • Augmented Lifesteal: Increases Stamina by 20 and Lifesteal by 30

  • Eternal Strength: Increases Strength by 15
  • Powerful Soul: Increases Strength by 10
  • Gathering in the Shadowlands: Increases the speed of gathering in the Shadowlands

  • the usual enchantments for secondary values ​​are also available in the Shadowlands

  • Ascended Life Force: Grants a chance to increase healing received when you take damage
  • Eternal Grace: Grants a chance to heal nearby targets when helpful spells are cast
  • Lightless Power: Grants a chance to deal additional Shadow damage with offensive spells and abilities
  • Sinful Revelation: Has a chance to cause your attacks to take 6% more damage from you for 10 seconds
  • Celestial Guidance: Grants a chance to increase agility by 5% when using spells and abilities

Tips: what can I do with the profession in Shadowlands?

This is how useful the profession is in the expansion: More than most other professions, as an enchanter you are in great demand for the entire expansion. Almost every player needs enchantments when they get new equipment and other professions depend on you for their legendary items. Only alchemists with their potions might be better off.

Because you can now add useful enchantments to significantly more items than just rings and weapons, something of the old usefulness is returning to this profession.

Which classes are particularly suitable?

  • All

The collecting trades: mining, herbalism and skinning

What has changed? There are no major changes in any of these professions. You can find new materials in the Shadowlands. If you want to use one or more collecting professions, it is advisable to learn them at the beginning of the expansion if possible. In this way, you can already collect materials for later in the level phase.

Which profession is worthwhile? Basically, each of these professions is worthwhile, as the manufacturing professions also have great demand and many players do without collecting professions. However, each has its own advantages:

  • Mining serves blacksmiths and jewelers, both of which usually require a lot of ore
  • Herbalism serves inscriptionists and alchemists and thus two of the most sought-after professions
  • Skinning serves leather processors and is traditionally one of the best sources of income because leather and scales are usually more difficult to obtain than ores and herbs
Herbalism is useful because herbs are always needed. However, you also have a lot of competition here. If you're just looking for income, skinning is also a good option.

The secondary professions: fishing and culinary arts

What has changed? Arguably the biggest change in secondary professions is that archeology has disappeared . Or at least there is no teacher for it yet. The NPC who is apparently responsible for this has never heard of archeology:

Otherwise there are no noteworthy changes. Cooking provides you with strengthening food that increases secondary values ​​or stamina, with special food for special effects such as passive healing outside of combat and feasts for the whole group that increase primary attributes.

For fishing there is now bait that can attract certain fish so that you can fish for recipes. There is also "The Middle Angel", which has an increased chance of finding bait while fishing.

With this information you are now optimally equipped to plunge into professional life in Shadowlands. 

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