The cool pet from Season 22 in Diablo 3 is simply there - this is how you get it

The cool pet from Season 22 in Diablo 3 is simply there - this is how you get it

In Season 22 of Diablo 3 there is a cool pet through 3 achievements - Deckard Cain as a walking, bearded book. All you have to do is complete the season trip. We show you in the guide how.

What is it about? Season 22 has been running in Diablo 3 for a few days . If you complete all the chapters of the seasonal journey there, you will receive a portrait frame and a cool pet.

  • the companion "The Cain Chronicle"
  • and the portrait frame "Lost Civilization"

One of the requirements of the Season Travel this time around is to complete three achievements. While two are still easy (er), many players ask which one to choose third in order to complete Flawless Win.

We'll show you which achievements are easy to complete. So you can quickly secure the pet from Season 22.

Use these 3 achievements for Season 22

This is the first achievement: The simplest of the three achievements is “mineral collection”. For this you should upgrade three legendary gems to level 65. That happens almost by the way when you run through the Greater Rifts with the strong builds from Season 22.

If you have already reached the last page of the season trip, then you should be prepared for portals of level 75+. At this height you can easily upgrade the stones at Urshi after completing a Greater Rift.

Boss mode

What's this? For the "boss mode" you should kill certain bosses within 20 minutes of starting a game. There are 16 bosses to kill on the list. What sounds difficult at first is easy to do with a little coordination.

How does it work? You can do this achievement solo, with 2 players, with 3 players or even with 4 players. The more there are in the group, the easier it will be.


What's this? For this achievement, you should successfully complete a large nephalem portal level 55 or higher with six class sets. And that's easier than it sounds.

How does it work? The basic requirement is that you have already progressed with your character in the season and have always put sets aside. If you haven't done that before, you should start now. Because you have to get six sets together.

This works, for example, with 5 sets of the demon hunter and one set of the monk. But you can vary it according to your taste and take a set from each class.

We used:

  • Demon Hunter
  • Natalya's revenge
  • The mantle of the shadow
  • Unholy essence
  • Equipment of the marauder
  • Gear of horror

  • monk
    • Pattern of justice

    That's why it's so simple: even if you can't master and play these sets, it's not a big problem. Because the seasonal theme of Season 22 makes the conclusion of GR 55 very easy . All you have to do is survive and activate pylons.

    So equip your skill set so that you are as mobile as possible and can withstand a lot. The rest are done by the shadow clones, which are then summoned as soon as you activate pylons.

    If you want, you can play the sets as they are intended. The biggest challenge of this achievement is actually just collecting enough sets. And that just happens on the side in nephalem portals or with the help of Kadala. She often gives you the sets that you don't actually play anyway.

    Your reward - The Chronicle of Cain in Season 22

    Have you completed all the tasks, then you can now expect a cool pet as a reward. You equip it via the menu, where you can find other companions, wings, flags and other content. You can do this on the PC using the F1 key.

    If you want, you can now equip the current reading so that it accompanies you on your adventures in the Rifts. Pay attention to the huge steps the bearded book has to take to keep up with you. An eye-catcher in the group game!

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