The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition: Shades of Iron Mod download


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition: Shades of Iron Mod download

SHADES OF IRON - Content Pack.

An overly extensive content pack with new armor, weapons, and new enemies. Pure additional content. No replacement. This content pack adds: 542 brand new, fully functional items. Over 125 new enemies.


- 18 brand new exotic armor sets for Geralt with unique characteristics!

- 8 new sets of armor for your female characters!

- Only 10 new great swords!

- Three new elegant spears!

- Over 20 brand new, otherworldly swords!

- Three unique brutal daggers!

The armor comes with new mechanics to customize the character. The spear has increased range. Two-handed swords are slower and deadly. Daggers are fast, unforgiving. For more information on gameplay and progress and how to get it, visit the articles section. Weapons are collected in the "Articles" section - Gameplay. For more information on new enemies, visit the Enemies section of the articles. The armor sets have fully simulated cloth physics.


1 Download the huge main file first.

2 After the download is complete, open the compressed archive. You should see two folders named mods and dlc.

3 Open the game installation directory. If you see bin, DLC, Mods, content folders, you are in the right place.

4 Just select and drag the two folders contained in the archive and place them in the game directory.

5 Install Script Merger if you don't have it.

6 Run Script Merger and merge conflicting scripts. This should be an automatic process.

7 That's it for installing Shades of Iron.

8 Go into the game and have fun! Visit the articles section to find out about items, their location and what they do.

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