Valorant: This is how the new map Icebox and Agent Skye play

 In Valorant there is the 5th Map Icebox and Agent Skye. But what do you have to pay attention to with the map and what are the special features of the new agent? Read it here on MeinMMO.

What's up with the new map? The new map Icebox came to Act 3 in Valorant on the server. Icebox is now the 5th map in Valorant. Finally, the picturesque Venice map Ascent came into play.

But instead of diving wildly through the “Serenissima”, Icebox takes you to arctic regions. The setting is an abandoned Kingdom research facility. According to lead map designer Salvatore “Volcano” Garozzo, the map is inspired by films like “Alien” and “The Thing” and is supposed to create a feeling of horror and isolation. However, it shouldn't be too depressed either so that the players enjoy playing there.

To achieve this, the map relies on winding passages and mysterious details in the map design. But there are also large areas outdoors, which are less cramped.

You can find out how this works in the game in the following paragraphs. There will be an assessment of the new agent Skye afterwards.

This is the new map Icebox

How is the map structured? Icebox has 2 spike points where the attackers can place their spike. As usual, the two points are called A and B.

  • A is in a winding area that is difficult to take when the enemy is holed up
  • B is outside by a container. Since the defenders are also very mobile vertically, snipers have an advantage here.
  • The map offers many winding, but also extensive passages. You can quickly advance vertically and horizontally for the first time through the zip lines. 

This is the new map Icebox

What are the special features? 

According to the streamer and YouTuber aSmoogl , whose video overview you can find here below, Icebox plays completely different than the previous maps. This is mainly due to the following aspects:

  • The map offers very narrow, winding places with many corners to hide
  • But there are also extensive areas where snipers can score
  • The zip lines allow quick movement, both horizontally and vertically

Opponents can target you from several levels and the winding areas make smokes even more important than they already are. The new map is beautifully complex and offers tons of tactical possibilities.

Agent Sova in particular scores well here with his arrows, as he can optimally cover the corners with them.

Which Easter eggs can you find? 

In addition to its various tactical options, the map also offers some Easter eggs. They are partly funny, partly mysterious.

In the attacker's spawn you will find camera feeds that show mysterious things:

  • The strange crystal that was teased as a character card in advance
  • A silhouette reminiscent of a samurai. What is he doing here in the Arctic? Is it a clue to the next agent?
  • In the corridor to the left of the attacker spawn you will also find the familiar rabbit and bear plush toys, which this time dump a can of beer behind their fluffy armband. Well then cheers!

Skye - This is the new agent

Skye - This is the new agent

Who is Skye? In addition to the Icebox map, the new agent Skye came into play with Act 3 . Skye is a militant environmentalist from Australia. She is an original mix of a support hero and initiator. She can optimally fill the latter role with her 3 “flashes”. With a little skill, it drives cowardly opponents out of their cover and is the nightmare of many campers.

These are Skye's skills: Skye's skills are all based on animal figurines that she actively equips. She then conjures up ghostly effects from them. But they can all be shot down, so watch out.

  • E - Pole Star: Equip a “Falcon” trailer. Fire to send out the falcon. Hold down the fire button to point the hawk in the direction of your crosshairs. It works like the Jett Smokes . Fire again while the hawk flies to turn it into lightning that blinds nearby enemies. This will be indicated to you by a hit confirmation.
  • Q - Pioneer: Equip a Tasmanian Tiger trailer. Fire to take control of the beast. Then press fire again to make the tiger jump at an enemy. Then the animal explodes and causes shock and damage to the enemy.
  • C - Thrive: Equip a "Healing" pendant. Hold fire to channel and heal allies in sight and range. The skill can be used multiple times until Skye's healing bar is exhausted. Skye cannot heal itself.
  • X - pack: Skyes Ultimate equips a "pack" trailer. Fire to set three Seekers at the three nearby enemies. Seekers are strange, floating beings. When a seeker finds his target, his view is restricted. So it's a homing flash ability.
What is Skye particularly good at? Skye is one of the best initiators in the game. However, she is not to be found on the front line, but initiates attacks with her support skills. Especially their many possibilities to dazzle and hinder opponents help a well-rehearsed team immensely.

Especially in cooperation with scouts like Sova, Skye can drive even well-entrenched opponents out of cover. This is particularly useful on Icebox if point A, which is difficult to take, is to be attacked.

With Skye, however, make sure that all of their skills can be shot down. So don't send your spirit animals blindly into botany, but make sure that the opponent has as little chance as possible of attacking them.

So much for the new map and Agent Skye. If you'd rather learn more about the other characters from Riot's team shooter, take a look at our article here.

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