What is Old School RuneScape and how to start playing

What is Old School RuneScape and how to start playing

Today you see many new games that become a trend and after a while they disappear. But there are games that have been with us for many years and still continue to entertain a large part of the video game community. Old School RuneScape is one of them, a game that has managed to captivate many people by giving them thousands of hours of fun. If you want to know more about this wonderful title, this article is perfect for you.

What is Old School RuneScape?

RuneScape is an MMORPG with a long time in the industry , in which we will find adventures, combats, skills training and other bases of which the game is composed. In addition, it works under a multiplatform system , that is, we can play it on our PC, MAC or mobile.

One of the aspects most valued by the community of this game is that it is the players themselves who give their approval on the changes that must be made, so if the players do not approve a change, it does not enter the game.


The history in RuneScape is very scattered and is divided into 5 eras, in the first era Ghutix found an empty world that he shaped and called it Gielinor , which is the world in which our adventure begins. Ghutix opened a portal in which he brought to Gielinor various races such as humans, nomes, dwarves, goblins, giants and many more. Guthix invited Seren, the Goddess of Light, to this new world, who brought the elves with her and founded the city of Prifddinas. Guthix, seeing that everything was going well, went to sleep at the end of the first era.

Then more malevolent gods would arrive like Zaros the God of destiny and control that would cause chaos in Gielinor, but all these old RuneScape stories will be presented to us little by little in a non-linear way with dialogues, scriptures, or with cinematics.


One of the most attractive features of this game is that there is no single way to play it , since the user can decide what to do, when to do it and how to do it . In this way, players are given more freedom.

Another important feature is the dynamic economy of the game , this is something that in other titles is not very well built, but here it has developed quite well and players can trade with each other .


The gameplay in RuneScape from the outside can be a bit complicated for all the options it offers, but it is simpler than it seems . In many MMORPGs you have to choose the kind of character you want to be throughout the game, but here you can be whatever you want just by changing your weapon. For example, with swords you can fight hand to hand, with bow and arrows you can fight at a distance, and with runes you can use magic spells.

Game modes

With the passage of time, new game modes have emerged in RuneScape , these modes are generally the same game but with other limitations that test our level of play. The DeadMan mode is one of the main ones with its own server and basically we start from scratch in an open PVP environment , that is, we will be in constant danger of being killed. The progress in these game modes will not affect our main character.


The Gielinor map is a large space where you can scroll with your mouse and see all the names of cities and towns . To access this map we just have to look in the upper right corner of our screen and click on the map icon . On the map we can see icons that represent different specific locations , there are 4 types of icons and we will explain them below.

  • Game characteristics: These types of icons indicate the banks, missions or locations where we can teleport, these icons are the ones that we will be seeing the most as they represent very common activities in the game.

  • Tutors: When we have questions, the tutors will help us understand each aspect of the game, most of these tutors are in Lumbridge.

  • Training: These icons show us the places where we can train each of our skills.

  • Stores: In RuneScape there are stores of all kinds, they can be food, clothing, weapons or even pets. With these icons we can easily locate them.

RuneScape Gold

The gold in RuneScape is a very important resource, because with this we will buy items and supplies that will help us to advance in the game. As we said before, Jagex has developed a very dynamic economy where objects vary in price according to supply and demand.

If we are free users we will have to get a lot of gold to buy our membership, for this there are many ways to get gold with methods that require certain types of skills.

How to start playing in RuneScape?

The first thing we have to do is register with our email on the official Old School RuneScape page . After having done so, we download the game on our preferred platform, either on PC, iOS or Android. We open the game and we will have to pass a tutorial that will explain the most basic things of the game .

You must bear in mind that although the title is very clear with its explanations, it is easy to get lost in such a big world, so it can be very useful to help yourself with guides depending on what you want to do.

If you are a free player, it is recommended that you start doing all the free to play missions , after doing them you must get the necessary skills so that you can generate gold and buy the membership as quickly as possible.

This is very important because with the membership you can enjoy the game without limitations and you will have all the zones and missions available . We hope that all this information has helped you and you achieve all your goals in your new adventure.

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