Where is the logic here? Watch Dogs: Legion's strange details


Where is the logic here? Watch Dogs: Legion's strange details

Watch Dogs: Legion can be called a shining example of a huge sandbox in which each player can do whatever he wants. The developers have recreated the whole London, which, if desired, can be turned upside down at your pleasure. Unfortunately, in such games, there are often elements that are devoid of any meaning both from the point of view of local lore and realism in general.

In this article, we will analyze the ridiculous moments of Watch Dogs: Legion , which are either meaningless or just look ridiculous.

No children

Where is the logic here? Watch Dogs: Legion's strange details

Traveling through the streets of virtual London, did you not pay attention to the fact that there are no children in the city at all? When it comes to a project that is, in fact, a simulator of the city of the future, it makes no sense. At least according to the plot of Watch Dogs: Legion, no one tells us that the British suddenly became sterile or all the children were taken to some closed place, so it is difficult to perceive the streets of London on which there are no children at all ( Rockstar somehow bothered to explain the absence of children in GTA ).

I understand that the game has the ability to knock down pedestrians in a car, and if you add children there, you automatically become the main target for any activists who drown for children and are ready to impale any child-free representative. Nevertheless, wasn’t it possible to come up with some intelligible explanation for the absence of children on the streets or to make it impossible to kill and maim them? In general, it looks very strange, no matter how you look at it.

The phone is like a magic wand

Where is the logic here? Watch Dogs: Legion's strange details

Watch Dogs: Legion shows the city of the future as a place saturated with modern technology as much as possible, where literally everything works like clockwork. In virtual London, people practically don't have to do anything, because machines solve everyday problems for them. Nevertheless, local gadgets are so powerful that at some point they simply stop being realistic.

Using a regular phone in Watch Dogs: Legion, you can pick locks, intercept control of surveillance cameras, steal cars and at the same time just call or surf the Internet. One gets the impression that in local smartphones the battery is made of some kind of plutonium or a similar substance, because it has just an infinite supply of energy. I understand that in Watch Dogs: Legion futuristic setting and technology rule the world, but even for such a concept it looks very strange and meaningless.

Would you like to become a hacker?

Where is the logic here? Watch Dogs: Legion's strange details

The procedure for recruiting new agents in Watch Dogs: Legion looks not only unrealistic, but just stupid. You will find out some snippets from the biography of the first comer, look at his characteristics, and if you like everything, then just come up and start asking him to join DedSec. After that, the stranger will also ask you to complete a random task, and if you manage, he will join your ranks.

Firstly, does it bother anyone that you are recruiting a complete stranger into an organization that deals with dirty deeds and opposes the government, without any interviews or tests at all? Secondly, with what joy do cool hackers perform tasks of random passers-by, if, logically, strangers should do whatever they want to get into the secret organization DedSec?

As for me, the recruitment was done as stupid as possible, and even if you turn the best hackers in the city into fools running errands, then after completing the task you could at least insert a cut-scene where the new agent is already auditioning or somehow proves that he is worthy get into DedSec. In this case, there would be much less questions about recruiting new agents.

Everyone in the city is a superhero

Where is the logic here? Watch Dogs: Legion's strange details

Speaking of strange recruitment, we must mention that in Watch Dogs: Legion, for some reason, every character can do absolutely everything. And now I'm not even talking about the fact that the first guy from the street who comes across can break into cameras or open any doors using his phone. There are much more ridiculous things.

For example, if you play as an old man / old woman, nothing will prevent you from climbing a pipe to the roof of a building or putting headshots from a sniper rifle no worse than an experienced hitman with many years of experience. It is extremely strange when there is a specific set of actions that absolutely any character can perform. The funny thing is that the developers of Watch Dogs: Legiongave us great freedom of action, created dozens of unique characters, but for some reason forgot to add a pinch of realism. This is not some sort of Saints Row , Ubisoft , well, in fact, take pity on the grandfathers!

Clothes come out of nowhere

Where is the logic here? Watch Dogs: Legion's strange details

Watch Dogs Legion shows us the world of the future, in which human life has been simplified as much as possible by technology. At the same time, some moments in the daily life of the inhabitants of virtual London leave questions behind. In the game, you can find land-based clothing stores and dress up in the latest fashion. There you will find hangers with things, fitting rooms, well, in general, everything is as it should be. Apart from land-based points of sale, clothing can also be bought online.

It is at this moment that all logic disappears. If you decide to dress up online using your phone, then things will magically begin to appear right on the character. Why does no one bring them to your location, why do they not stupidly fall on the character's head in a box, and even if by some miracle they materialize in his pocket, but even that does not exist. In general, it looks strange, stupid, but I'm generally silent about realism.

Where is your trunk?

Where is the logic here? Watch Dogs: Legion's strange details

Let's not stray too far from the topic of clothing, because another ridiculous thing is associated with it in Watch Dogs: Legion . As befits secret agents who do dirty tricks only in the shadows, the characters of the game never walk the streets with weapons at the ready. To get the barrel, you need to press the appropriate button, but it is better to do this only on assignments so as not to attract too much attention to yourself.

So that's what I'm all about. Given the revealing outfits of many of the characters in Watch Dogs: Legion, I'm just wondering, is it really possible to walk the streets in a mini-skirt and children's tights somewhere to shove a huge shotgun? This outfit may have a secret pocket for a pistol, but where the hell do they get their assault rifles and shotguns from? I understand that this is a game and blah-blah-blah, "you also tell me so that you can put as many things in your inventory as in a regular backpack," blah-blah-blah, this is a game, etc.

But this is not Fortnite , where a character runs around with a huge pickaxe, which he got a second ago, don't understand where. Here, as it were, the actions of the game unfold in a real city, the characters are real people and they are surrounded by real problems. In general, it looks as ridiculous as possible and, as far as I remember, this was not the case in the previous parts.

Weapon no damage

Where is the logic here? Watch Dogs: Legion's strange details

The Watch Dogs series is primarily about hacking, not about killing, so I personally don't see anything wrong with the fact that there is a weapon here that shoots blank cartridges (if anything, there are cannons with live ammunition too). In case you're not in the know, the characters in Watch Dogs: Legion are mostly just driving opponents into unconsciousness, not killing them. My claim is not that the game deliberately reduces the level of violence, but the realism of the weapon.

The fact is that when you shoot point-blank at a person with a shotgun, which is even loaded with blank cartridges, he will die with a 200% probability (do not check this at home, please). The impact force of such a volley from a firearm will be so powerful that the enemy will simply instantly bend over from internal bleeding. Yes, even if you shoot at close range from a paintball gun with maximum pressure, then, most likely, a person will die, so balls with paint are not a toy for you. Nevertheless, in Watch Dogs: Legion, shots from non-lethal weapons look ridiculous, the enemies simply fall unconscious and nothing bothers them in the future, although in fact there are already half of the virtual London disabled.

It was an analysis of the strangest and even funniest blunders from Watch Dogs: Legion , which are not as logical as possible and do not fit into the project, even taking into account its setting. This article was not written to simply dig into the project. Rather, it is an analysis of details that are not explained in any way and look funny.

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