Today in this guide we will learn where to FARM GOLD SHARPENERS IN THE ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE, So without wasting your time lets get into it.

After you've farmed or crafted your desired gear in The Elder Scrolls Online , it's time to gild it. To do this, you will need gold sharpenings, which we will tell you about in this guide.

At the moment, there are three main ways to get gold sharpenings in the game.

Resource recycling

One of the most popular options for sharpening farming. All major crafting lines (blacksmithing, tailoring, carpentry and jewelry) have a special passive that increases the chance of high-level resources dropping when processing raw materials. This means that you need to pump the craft, put skill points there and go to collect resources. Each type drops a corresponding sharpening, so you can concentrate, for example, on a certain type of materials. The HarvestMap add-on can simplify the collection task.

You arrive on an island or a small location where there are enough materials, farm, and then go to the machine and process all this stuff. The drop rate is constantly changing. Apparently, the developers are constantly tightening up the drop, and it is difficult to say how many points you will get from one stack. But, as a rule, this is at least 2 sharpenings.

Daily tasks

If you complete the introductory profession quest and get certified, then you will have access to craft diaries. You can get permission in the starting city of your alliance. For example, playing as the Daggerfall Covenant, you can get certified in Glenumbra, in the city of Daggerfall (next to the Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild). There are such NPCs in the city of each alliance. Jewelry certification must be completed at Summerset, in the city of Alinor.

You take quests from the board, complete them, hand over them, and with some chance you will receive gold sharpenings. You can complete quests on all characters once a day.


This option is not entirely related to farming, but it is still worth mentioning that all enchantments can be bought from merchant guilds if you have gold. Just run around the different main points of sale, you may find something at a low price. Use the Arkadius' Trade Tools , Master Merchant or Tamriel Trade Center add-on to track the best price. If you see that the price is lifted, that is, the percentage is red, then we go to look further. So you can find quite acceptable offers.

Parsing things

As for the parsing of things, it is rather an option for farming the previous tannin quality levels. Gold items fall extremely rarely, and there is no particular sense in disassembling them, so we will not refer them to the options for farming gold sharpenings. But for the sake of blue and purple sharpenings, this is worth taking care of.

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