Which pact should I play in WoW Shadowlands? Overview for all classes

Which pact should I play in WoW Shadowlands? Overview for all classes

With the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands a new, big feature is on the plan: the pacts. With these you should improve your character and get new skills. The choice is relatively binding. So the question is: which one should I choose? We helps you with the decision.

What are pacts? The four pacts represent the core feature of the new Shadowlands expansion . They are the four factions that are in charge of the Shadowlands: Kyrians, Night Fae, Necrolords and Venthyr.

Each pact has its own story, background and mission in the land of the dead. The combative necrolords, for example, provide the army, the Venthyr ensure that the souls of the deceased atone for their onward journey.

For you as a player, the pacts serve as a source of new skills that they will give you when you join them. In addition, you can enter into a "sea bond" with companions who further strengthen you with passive skills. In our special you can read everything about the pacts and their abilities and rewards .

The choice of a pact is relatively binding. You have to make a decision and after the decision it is possible to change the pact, but cumbersome. That means: once you have committed yourself, you will want to stick to the pact at least for a while.

So that you don't get annoyed about having selected the "wrong" pact, We helps you to choose the best pact for your class.

Which pact for which class?

First of all: the pacts differ only slightly in their strength. The effect is likely to be only a few percent between the “best” and the “worst” pact for each class. The choice of the mathematically best pact is therefore only really relevant for hardcore gamers.

The main difference lies in the way you play, which can be changed by each new skill. Basically, you should therefore choose the pact that suits you best. Story, optics and gameplay are usually just as important for fun as the performance. And with something that is fun, you usually get along better than if you force yourself to perform.

You should pay attention to this: If you still want to orient yourself towards the "best" pact, there are many criteria here, such as:

  • In which area do I want to be strong - dungeons, raids or PvP?
  • Do I play tank, healer or DD?
  • How does the Pact ability change my rotation, how does it change my play style?
  • Which soul bonds are particularly relevant or strong for me?

Depending on your equipment and changes to classes or pacts, the “best pact” may still change and you shouldn't expect to find a universal answer.

Nevertheless, the experts from wowhead and the specialists in the discords of the individual classes have already picked out some pacts that are particularly strong for the respective classes. We give you a rough overview by pact here.

These classes should be chosen by Kyrians

  • Tanks
  • Druids (except restoration)
  • Warlock (except demonology)
  • Marksmanship Hunter (Alternative: Night Fae)
  • Shadow Priests (Alternative: Necrolords)
  • Elemental Shaman (only for mythical dungeons)
  • Mistweaver Monk
  • Holy Paladin
  • Discipline priest

The Kyrians were considered the best pact for most classes until shortly before Shadowlands . However, that changed after only a single soul gang NPC was nerfed . Even so, they are still strong for some class.

In almost all tank classes, the Kyrian pact ability is extremely useful and helps you to stay alive or to build up threats and to bind opponents to you. For healers, the ability offers a great way to combat high spikes in damage.

Skill is also crucial for the DPS classes, with the soul bonds still promising strong bonuses even after the Nerf of Pelagos. However, you should pay attention to whether there are any more adjustments.

These classes should choose Night Fae

  • Most DPS specializations (see below for exceptions)
  • Restoration Druid

After the Nerf of the Kyrians, the Night Fae represent the strongest pact for most DDs. This applies to both mythical keystone dungeons and raids. One of the reasons for this is that with a soul bond you can prevent your death every 10 minutes, which is extremely useful for DPS classes. In terms of pure damage, however, the Nachtfae also have the edge thanks to their class skills and bonuses.

For the recovery druids, the night fae ability "convocation of spirits" offers the possibility to heal several targets for many life points in a few seconds. Something that the druid lacks in this form.

Only a few DPS classes have better pacts than the Nachtfae. The exceptions are these 10 specializations:

  • Feral and Balance Druids → Kyrians, with the pacts roughly tied
  • Shadow Priests → Kyrians or Necrolords
  • Elemental Shamans → Necrolords
  • Amplifier Shamans → Venthyr
  • Destruction Sorcerer → Kyrian
  • Arms and Fury Warriors → Venthyr
  • Havoc Demon Hunters → Venthyr or Kyrian
  • Unholy Death Knights → Necrolords

These classes should choose necrolords

  • Brewmaster Monk (alternative to the Kyrians)
  • Holy priest
  • Restoration shaman
  • Unholy Death Knight
  • Shadow Priests (alternative to Kyrians)
  • Demonology Sorcerer (alternative to Nachtfae)
  • Elemental shaman

For healers and some spellcasters, the soul bond with Emeni is extremely useful here, which can increase intelligence on demand. In addition, the pact skills complement each healer's spell repertoire and can often be linked to the timers for boss skills in instances.

The DPS classes benefit from an improved structure of their resources or a reinforcement for their already existing rotation. Nekrolords offer an easy entry without major changes.

These classes should choose Venthyr

  • Restoration Shaman (alternative to the Necrolords)
  • Protection Paladin (for raids)
  • Havoc Demon Hunter (for raids)
  • Amplifier Shaman
  • Arms and Fury Warriors

The Venthyr are the pact that is considered "best pact" for very few classes. For those who benefit from it, however, their ability to make pacts is particularly decisive and less so is their soul bond.

So keep in mind that you may have to change your style of play when you join the Venthyr. Many of the Pact abilities occupy an important place in the damage rotation and priorities of DPS classes.

However, if you are interested in PvP, you should take a closer look at the Venthyr. Especially the soul bond with Nadija can give you some advantages here.

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