Why Battlefield 6 is already one of the most important games in 2021

Why Battlefield 6 is already one of the most important games in 2021

As one of the most famous and influential shooter brands, Battlefield has always been very important to the gaming market. For Battlefield 6 it is already clear that this game will be of the utmost importance. And that's mainly due to three factors.

The technology

The Battlefield series has been known since 2002 for being graphically and technically in the top league and has more than once set standards in the genre with its huge battlefields and detailed destruction physics. Now the new consoles have appeared and the way would be free for a further technological leap thanks to advanced graphics cards and faster SSD hard drives.

And EA boss Wilson promises exactly that for Battlefield 6: "The advances through PS5 and Xbox Series X allow our team to develop a real NextGen version of Battlefield," he said at an investor conference . Battlefield 6 should therefore achieve "an unprecedented scale," it continues.

The first clips and insider information indicate exactly what that means: There is talk of allegedly up to 128 players on gigantic maps , we see extremely realistic collapsing buildings in a tech demo . The way seems paved for a new technical milestone.

Of course, we still have to wait and see which of these really corresponds to reality in the end. The expectations that this arouses are clear: fans and press are expecting nothing less than the next big quantum leap in the Battlefield series.

The high demand

Another reason why Battlefield 6 is so important is demand. Although the game has not yet been officially presented and the release for Christmas 2021 is still a long way off, players literally rush to every little bit of information.

One possible reason for the rapidly increasing interest could be the lack of real alternatives. There is certainly a large selection of current (and successful) multiplayer shooters, such as Rainbow Six: Siege , Valorant or, more recently, CoD Cold War . Most of them are limited to a smaller framework and do not offer large-scale battles with vehicles and high numbers of players.

The few exceptions such as Squad, Beyond the Wire or Hell Let Loose , on the other hand, are aimed at fans of hardcore shooters due to their high standards and complex mechanics and are considered less beginner-friendly. What remains is obviously a gap in the market between the two subgenres. And since Battlefield 5 was released two years ago, many players are likely to be starved for a sequel.

The development time

Battlefield 5 was a good shooter, but it fell short of fans' expectations in many ways . And that's exactly why there could be a great opportunity for the successor here. Because many positive approaches were already there, for example a live service model with free DLC replenishment instead of the old premium model.

In the end, this failed due to the implementation, but at least set the right direction. For Battlefield 6, this gives you the opportunity to take important lessons with you and to iron out the big mistakes of its predecessor in 2021.

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