WoW: Farming redeemed souls - How and where does it work?

WoW: Farming redeemed souls - How and where does it work?

Everyone needs redeemed souls in WoW: Shadowlands . We reveal how you get them and what they are actually good for.

At the start of WoW: Shadowlands there is still a little confusion about the many new resources that were introduced with the expansion. In addition to anima, stygia and soul ash, there are also redeemed souls - a particularly valuable currency. But what are the redeemed souls and how do you get them?

What are redeemed souls? The Redeemed Souls in World of Warcraft Shadowlands are a new currency that is necessary for advancing your own pact sanctum. In addition to anima, you always need a certain amount of redeemed souls in order to be able to use and expand new features of your sanctum.

Can you specifically farm redeemed souls? No, that is not possible, at least not in the traditional sense. Redeemed souls can only be obtained through a weekly quest. For this you have to travel into the gullet and free souls. However, this quest does not exist in the first week. Instead, you will receive 5 redeemed souls once in the course of your joining the pact. Only with the beginning of the next WoW week (December 2, 2020) will there be new redeemed souls.

If nothing has changed much since the beta, you can count on 20 new souls in the coming week.

What do you need the souls for? That basically depends on the pact you choose, even if many of the features are similar. In your sanctum you have different options to expand different features. For example, you can unlock the adventure table (the new trailer missions, so to speak) or activate a teleportation network within your area.

All features have further expansion stages that require even more souls - up to 70 of them. Unlocking everything will therefore take a few months and should keep many players busy until patch 9.1.

By the way, your special pact feature costs 6 souls, which is why it cannot be unlocked in the first week. So that should be your focus in week 2.

How do you find your pact sanctum and the system with the souls? A cool thing to look forward to or an annoying time gating?

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