WoW: If you don't play, you don't win - this is how you solve the quest

WoW: If you don't play, you don't win - this is how you solve the quest

In the Ardenwald at WoW: Shadowlands the quest "If you don't play, you won't win" awaits you. To solve them, you should use emotes. We'll show you how to do this in the guide.

What kind of quest is that? In the north of the Ardenwald an NPC called Playful Trickster awaits you. And this lives up to its name. Because with the quest "If you don't play, you won't win" (English: The games we play) you have to be prepared for tricks.

These emotes are the solution to the quest

What do you have to do? While the Playful Trickster is talking to you, you have to pay close attention to what he is saying. And then react quickly.

It is important to keep a close eye on the text boxes and then respond with the right emote. Often he already mentions the right actions in the text, such as "dance with me", where you should then perform the dancing emote.

How do you perform emotes? If you're new to World of Warcraft and haven't used it before, here's how to learn. Open the chat with Enter, then write “/ praise” and confirm again with Enter. You type that in without the quotes. When you confirm, your character executes the emote. In the German client, it doesn't matter whether you write “Tanzen” in German or “dance” in English. The emotes are carried out in both languages. However, the English client does not recognize any German emotes.

Remember the following terms:

  • /Thank you
  • /imagine
  • / praise
  • / strong
  • /to dance
  • /to cheer

Note that the order can be different for you.



I once managed to convince all the sylvari
in a grove that I was a
member of their court. The other Spriggans
cheered me for days!

/to cheer

Oh, my legs are almost twitching with excitement!
I could dance forever. Dance with me

/to dance

In the Fae courts, manners are very
important. The slightest misstep can ... have dire
consequences. The idea plays an important
role in the first impression


We do a lot to help people. You
surely know the stories. Mending shoes, tilling fields,
bringing separated lovers together.
And what do we get back? Nobody praises
our deeds! Hmpf!

/ praise

Many can use our talents, but
few earn them. Some give us
gifts that are always gratefully accepted.
Some want to outsmart us and
usually fail . Some ask for
permission and always thank us for our

/to thank

We Spriggans have our own heroes!
The great hero Hollain has been said
to be able to
split a mountain with a single thrust. Oh, what a sight it
must have been! How strong he
must have been!

/ strong


Have you mastered this task, you can devote yourself to the next quests in the area. If you know any other texts that are missing in this overview, write them to us here on okaygotcha in the comments and we will then add them.

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