WoW Level Guide 2020 - Level up from level 1 to 60 quickly and easily

WoW Level Guide 2020 - Level up from level 1 to 60 quickly and easily

Reaching the maximum level in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands quickly is useful for new players and old hands. With the tips from us, the level phase will be easier for you.

Leveling up faster in WoW: There are many reasons to level a new character in WoW. No matter whether you need a twink for professions, the raid or PvP, want to play up the allied races or start again. It is always useful to know how to get your character maxed out quickly.

When you return you might be wondering what happened to your characters because Shadowlands was a level squish . Instead of 120, as was the case with BfA, you only level up to level 60 in the new expansion.

We gives you a practical guide with which you can easily and quickly reach the new max level.

From 1-60 - WoW Level Guide

The path from character creation has become significantly faster with the new Shadowlands expansion . If you really stick to it, you can even get from level 1 to the new level 60 within a day.

There are many different ways you can level up a character. We'll show you how to use these options most effectively.

Level tips for newbies

The boost: If you buy the new Shadowlands expansion , you will immediately receive a character boost for level 50. With this boost you can immediately set a newly created character to level 50 and at the same time receive a set of armor and weapons. 

Story lover? As a newbie, you will generally find it harder to level quickly and effectively in WoW - and you may miss a lot of the story of the game. If you are interested in the world and the game, we advise you to go your own way. You can hardly go wrong anyway.

Main and Twink:  If you just want to set new characters to the maximum level as quickly as possible, use this boost immediately and take care of the basics with your main character. With a character at the maximum level (that is your “Main”), you can pave the way for new characters (who call themselves “Twinks” or “Alts”).

Leveling together: If you don't want to fight your way through the World of Warcraft alone, it's best to find a partner. In the Discord and in WoW communities you will certainly find players quickly.

Preparations for quick leveling

The fastest way to the highest level requires a little preparation. Preparing everything for a new character can take some time. However, if you plan to level multiple twinks, the effort is worth it - you only have to do it once.

Faster leveling through heirlooms: An important point for faster leveling are heirlooms. Heirlooms are pieces of armor and weapons that are tied to the account and can be used by any character on the account if the armor class is correct.

The items grow with you: heirlooms rise along with you in the level and thus always have values ​​that correspond to your level. Sometimes they are no longer the best items in terms of damage and stamina, but the armor parts have a bonus if you wear several of them, a so-called "set bonus":

  • 2 parts: recovery is consumed 30% slower
  • 3 parts: Increases the regeneration in the outside world, in normal dungeons and battlefields when you are not in combat
  • 5 pieces: When you reach a new level, you inflict damage to nearby enemies and gain 40% of your main attribute for 2 minutes. Killing enemies extends this bonus by up to an additional 2 minutes
  • 6 parts: Recovery is consumed another 30% more slowly

Since the pre-patch of Shadowlands, the heirlooms no longer grant bonus experience, but instead reduce the consumption of recreation. You get recreation in towns and inns and it increases your ancient experience for killing enemies. It is used up to a maximum value. You can benefit longer from wearing heirlooms.

Where can I get the items? You can get heirlooms from the guild vendor in the capitals and from Estelle Gaundry in Orgrimmar on the Wall (Horde) and from Krom Stout Arm in Ironforge (Alliance). For some heirlooms you need a reputation with your guild and a guild achievement - it is best to search for level guilds via the guild browser and earn your reputation with quests or through PvP and PvE with other guild members.

As soon as you have bought heirlooms, you can easily create them in your collection in the "Heirlooms" tab on any character. The manufactured items land directly in your inventory and you can then put them on.

Where can I get the items? Screenshot

Unlock flight routes: In order to be able to travel around the world quickly in the level phase, you have to rely on flight masters for a large part of the time. You have to discover or activate new routes first. The heirloom dealers also have items at hand:


  • Modernization of the Azeroth - Eastern Kingdoms supply lines, 10,000 gold
  • Survivors: Kalimdor - Kalimdor, 10,000 gold


  • Azeroth Campaign - Eastern Kingdoms, 10,000 gold
  • Kalimdor, in the footsteps of the Earthmother - Kalimdor, 10,000 gold

The objects are toys and only have to be bought once. From then on, they apply to every current and future character, so they are one-time investments.

Level Guide for Shadowlands - Here's how

Shadowlands has completely reinvented leveling in World of Warcraft. Instead of boxing your way through various expansions, you can now choose an expansion using the "Chromie time" and play through it to get to the starter quest for the new expansion.

Even in Shadowlands itself, the leveling is different than you know it before. As a new character you have to play through the campaign there and have no choice about the areas. At the end you join one of the new pacts, which then slowly introduce you to the endgame.

As a second character, you have the option to skip the entire story and join a pact straight away . This way, you can immediately complete world quests and other activities in order to gain experience points and work on the progress of your pact.

New starting experience - The Island of the Exiles

If you start WoW as a brand new player, you will play your first 10 levels on the "Island of the Exiled". This is a new zone especially for newbies, in which many of the mechanics of the game and your class are explained to you.

You complete a number of quests here, collect your first levels and loot and experience an exciting little story. At the end of the island there is a dungeon that introduces you to various bosses' mechanics.

The island is optional for anyone who has already hyped up a character. If you don't want to see them, you can instead choose the level experience of your own people when creating your character.

New starting experience - The Island of the Exiles

However, the island offers everything you need in a compact form and plays more fluidly, tailored precisely to new players. For Cortyn , the starting island is even the new favorite zone in Shadowlands .

Level with the "Chromie time" in an addon of your choice

When you reach level 10, you can choose an expansion in Chromie in the capitals that you want to level with. All six addons before Battle for Azeroth are available to you - you play BfA automatically if you don't choose anything else.

The choice determines which starter quest you get, in order to then play the respective expansion again, so to speak, and play there from level 10-50. It also tells you for which dungeons you log in with the dungeon browser.

However, it can happen that not enough players are listed for your expansion. If you search too long, the search radius will be increased to instances of all expansion.

In the Chromie time you can choose your favorite extension. Your location is marked with a large hourglass on your map.

Which expansion you want to play is entirely up to you. However, BfA offers itself so that you can connect the story or Warlords of Draenor, in which the level speed can be increased a bit through the density of bonus targets and other extras.

Tips for leveling 1-50

Leveling through dungeons: As soon as you reach level 10, you can use the dungeon browser. From here on it is worthwhile to always look for a “random dungeon”. Dungeons, like the areas, scale with your level. Completing a random dungeon grants you bonus experience.

Important quests:  In dungeons you will find dungeon quests that you should definitely do. With full heirloom equipment, a dungeon can give you roughly one or two levels. Note, however, that a dungeon is only worthwhile if you can still complete the quests. If you've already done them, quests outside this dungeon are more effective.

The waiting times:  Healers and DPS classes generally wait a long time for the next invitation. The best way to bridge the waiting times is to complete further quests in the world.

Attention: If you play a class that can refuel but does not want to refuel, do not use this option in the dungeon browser! It is unlikely that you will be able to complete dungeons without a proper tank and you will end up wasting yourself and the other players unnecessarily time.

The dungeon browser. Random dungeons give you more experience.

Leveling through rare opponents: You shouldn't limit yourself to dungeons when leveling. In the open world you get a similar amount of experience, and you also have another source of quick experience points: rare opponents ("Raremobs").

Since the overhaul, rare opponents reward you with a large chunk of experience. Doing a rare mob usually only takes a few seconds and you will be rewarded with roughly half the experience points that a quest would grant you.

Raremobs can be found in various locations around the world. Many players ignore and ignore their opponents, so you will encounter them frequently. If a player from your faction is already fighting against you, just take part. You both get the experience. You can recognize your opponents by their silver dragon around the portrait.

Level up through bonus goals and items

In Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, Legion and Battle for Azeroth, in addition to normal quests, you have other options to quickly and easily gain experience.

Valuable treasures: In Pandaria you will find treasures everywhere that you also need for the success "... is the other's bread". Finding such treasures brings you gold, rare items and always a good deal of experience.

Bonus Objectives:  Treasures like this can be found in Draenor and later expansions too. Here, however, it is even more interesting that there are “bonus goals”. Bonus goals are open quests that you don't have to accept or turn in. You go to the marked area and complete the tasks. The experience from these goals has since been weakened, but they are still worthwhile.

The bonus goals are displayed directly to you.

Invasions: Both in the areas of Legion and in those of Battle for Azeroth, invasions (Legion) and attacks (BfA) occur again and again . These are marked on the map with a large icon above the area.

This indicates that certain world quests are now available there. These grant a lot of experience, resources and even a buff for 10% more experience for an hour.


So far, the following races are available:


  • Light-forged draenei
  • Void elves
  • Dark Iron Dwarfs
  • Kul Tiran people
  • Mechagnomes


  • Hochbergtauren
  • Nightborn
  • Mag'har orcs
  • Zandalari trolls
  • Vulpera

The Mechagnome and Vulpera have been available since patch 8.3 . The two races are well received, but the fans lack a popular race.

two races are well received, but the fans lack a popular race.

Useful addons for quick leveling

Especially for the rare opponents and the treasures, it is worth using addons that show you the locations or point out opponents in the vicinity. Some add-ons are therefore particularly useful for leveling.

With the useful addon manager WoWUp you can easily manage your addons. In our guide we explain how to install addons with WoWUp .

NPCScan: NPCScan is an add-on that always searches your area for rare enemies. It shows you the paths of raremobs on the map and warns you with beeps and flashes when an enemy is nearby. If NPCScan has found a rare mob, it gives him a skull and you can hunt him directly. NPCScan can be downloaded from the curse website.

HandyNotes: HandyNotes shows you treasures on the map. So that you don't have to constantly look up where the next treasure is that will give you experience, you can simply look up in-game with HandyNotes. HandyNotes also adds small notes to the icons on the map about what you actually get from the treasure - so you don't run unnecessary ways just to get hold of a cloak. You can also get handy notes at curse.

Gorgrond with marked treasures and rare mobs.

Tips and tricks for leveling

With our guide you already have a solid guide at hand with which you can quickly and comfortably reach the maximum level. However, there are still a few tips and tricks that you can use to get even more out of the methods.

Use the Darkmoon Fair: You get a big bonus when the Darkmoon Fair takes place. If you visit the island and sit down on one of the animals on the carousel, you will get the buff “Jippie!” For up to an hour. This gives you 10% bonus experience and reputation. The Darkmoon Cylinder, which you can buy and consume (not stackable), has the same effect.

Learning to ride: You should visit your riding instructor at some intervals to be able to travel faster. The faster you move, the faster you can complete and submit quests.

  • Inexperienced rider - 4 gold (level 10): You can ride ground mounts with + 60% movement speed. Some classes and races get this ability for free. If you don't get the skill for free, just visit the riding instructor.
  • Experienced rider - 50 gold (level 20): You can ride ground mounts with + 100% movement speed.
  • Experienced Riding - 250 Gold (Level 30): You can ride flight mounts with + 150% movement speed in the air and + 100% on the ground.
  • Masterly Riding - 5000 Gold (Level 40): You can ride flight mounts with + 310% movement speed in the air and + 100% on the ground.

Learning to ride

Enchant Heirlooms: You can place enchantments on some Heirlooms. Since Shadowlands, most of the equipment can be enchanted again.

Create the heirlooms on a character with maximum level and get the desired enchantments. Attributes such as strength can be enchanted on cloaks and chest parts, and on the neck the mark of the hidden satyr, which causes damage to enemies. The various expansions offer various enchantments that you might find useful when leveling.

You can then send the items to the character who is supposed to wear them - even across factions. The enchantments remain on the items even if their item level drops.

The mark of the ancient priestess is also worthwhile for healers.

Buying level boosts: You can buy a level boost for € 60 in the in-game shop, which instantly sets your character to level 50. Depending on whether time or money is more important to you, this option can also be considered.

Shadowlands is revolutionizing the leveling experience in WoW and it's worth starting a new character all over again to see it all, even for veterans. With our guide you can get through the level phase quickly and easily and still not miss anything.

As a newbie, WoW can be a little overwhelming, but if you take a little time, learn the most important things about the game and prepare yourself, getting started is no longer a hurdle. 

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