WoW Quest: "Trade and Change" - This is where you have to go

The quest "Trade and Change" causes problems for some WoW players. We'll tell you where to drop it off.

More and more players are slowly arriving at level 60 in World of Warcraft Shadowlands and want to try their hand at the endgame content. But a small quest causes problems because the players cannot find the place where they have to hand in the quest. We reveal how you can complete “Trade and Change”.

What kind of quest is that? You get the mission "Trade and Change" at level 60 in Oribos after you have completed the main campaign. You can get them from the innkeeper "Beherberger Ta'rela", the only inn in Oribos "Die Idyllia". It's actually just a fetch quest that wants you to report to Finder Ta'sul. This is shown on the map one level "lower". However, this does not mean the “ring of transmission”, but another, somewhat more hidden level.

Where do you hand in “trade and change”? You don't have to leave the inn. Just turn to the right while you are standing in front of the quest giver. You then enter the dining room of the inn. From there you look to the left. Two "security specialists" protect a small gate here that appears to end in a wall.

Where do you hand in “trade and change”

Go through the gate and turn right. Here you will find a staircase that leads you deeper down into the vaults of Oribos.

The stairs lead further down.

From here you can no longer get lost. Just follow the stairs down until you enter the room "The Mediator's Refuge". Here you will find the quest giver and then the follow-up quests.

Why is the quest important? The quest is relevant as it takes you to the weekly dungeon quests. These reward you not only with a nice chunk of reputation points with a new faction of your choice, but also with equipment that can be useful for fresh characters at level 60. So it's worth stopping by here every week and completing the quests.

"Read quest" helps: This mission is a typical case where reading the quest description would be worthwhile. The quest already reveals that one should look into the "dark hallways across from the cooking pots" - which can be found in the next room of the inn.

You should stop by here every week to accept new quests and get double rewards for completing dungeons.

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