WoW Shadowlands: Change Pact - This is how it works and you have to pay attention to it

WoW Shadowlands: Change Pact - This is how it works and you have to pay attention to it

The choice of your pact in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is relatively binding. You can change your mind, but that can involve a lot of effort. We explains to you how you can still change the pact and what you have to pay attention to.

The four pacts are the new core feature in Shadowlands and provide you with a large part of your new strength in the addon. They give you new skills, a story for each pact, cosmetics, and more.

During the Shadowlands campaign, you will be introduced to all of the pacts and their abilities. Finally, you can choose one of them you want to join. You can find out more in our special with all information, skills and rewards of the pacts on Okaygotcha.

In itself you like your selection and stick to it. However, it is possible to join another pact if you change your mind. It's actually quite easy - you just have to be really sure that you want to do that.

Why should I change my pact? There are several reasons you might want to change your pact. If you want to collect other cosmetics, for example, if the balance changes or if your interests simply change, it could be possible that you want to join another pact.

For progressive and hardcore players, it can also be helpful to use one pact for raids and another for mythical dungeons, so that changes are always made as needed. This is possible, but involves a lot of work.

Change pact: step-by-step instructions

This is how you choose a new pact: Basically, to change your pact, you only have to speak to the leader of the pact you want to join. You can find all of them in the enclave in Oribos, practically gathered in one place. The respective coordinates are entered in the brackets, which you can display with addons . Talk to:

  • Polemarch Adrestes for the Kyrians (36.2 / 64.2)
  • Lady moonberry for the night fae (39.6 / 60.9)
  • General Draven for the Ventyhr (44.7 / 68.8)
  • Secutor Mavix for the Nekrolords (43/74)

There, choose the only conversation option where you ask the leaders if they can help you join them. The NPCs then warn you that you have already joined another pact and ask if you really want to betray your allies. Confirm that twice and you can join your new pact.

Change pact: step-by-step instructions

Re-join the old pact - that's how it works

What if I want to go back to my old pact? It only becomes difficult when you want to return to the pact. Because the respective faction has noticed that you have decided in favor of someone else and demands renewed proof of your loyalty.

Even if you leave the pact and immediately rejoin it, you must complete these tasks.

To prove yourself again, you should do several tasks for your pact. This is broken down into four steps.

Step 1 - Talk to the leader

As with the change, you have to speak to the leader of the respective pact in Oribos again, but this time with that of your old faction. He is not happy that you have betrayed him and demands a task from you.

Step 2 - Quest: "Prove your worth"

This will be your first task. You will receive the quest "Prove your worth", in which you should do tasks for your new old pact. As with the daily quest of your pact, you need to fill a progress bar by doing something like:

  • kills rare opponents or elite opponents
  • Finds treasures
  • Complete world quests
  • Complete daily quests
  • Kills dungeon bosses (difficulty level irrelevant)

However, you have to conclude all of this in the area of ​​your respective pact. This also applies to the dungeons. Each area has two dungeons that are part of their pact and whose bosses count for progress:

  • Kyrians: Necrotic Swath, Peaks of Ascent
  • Nekrolords: theater of pain, epidemic fall
  • Ardenwald: The other side, fog of Tirna Scithe
  • Revendreth: The Bloody Depths, Halls of Atonement

Step 3 - Wait for the next week

This step is easy, but it may take the longest: you have to wait until the weekly reset. It usually takes place on Wednesday around 9:00 a.m. German time.

Make sure to submit the quest "Prove your worth" before resetting!

With the next week you can then accept a new quest, which is the fourth and final step.

Step 4 - Quest: "Regaining Trust"

This quest works exactly like "Prove Your Worth" before. You should complete different tasks again, the quest just has a different name and can only be carried out after the reset.

Only after you have given in this quest will you end up with your old pact again. So if you want to do something in another pact, do that before you "regain trust" surrender. If you do it right, you can juggle between two pacts. But that requires a lot of work and good timing.

Which pact for which class?

One possible reason for changing a pact is that you made the wrong decision at the beginning and would like to choose your “best pact”. Or you want to play a different specialization for which a different pact is better. Or are you suddenly more interested in PvP than PvE?

In our special on Okaygotcha you will find the best pact for every class. The recommendations are non-binding and are based on analyzes and tips from experts as well as simulations.

You should basically choose the pact that you have the most fun with. The differences are minimal and exist especially on paper. A pact that you can't cope with will usually end up doing you less well than the one you like to play.

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