WoW Shadowlands DPS Ranking: Which class deals the most damage?

WoW Shadowlands DPS Ranking: Which class deals the most damage?

With the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands , many players will be returning to Azeroth in the next few days or will be completely new. But which character do you currently play best if you want to be at the top of the damage list in the first Nathria Castle raid?

We look at the current damage figures and tell you which DPS classes are particularly worthwhile for the release of Shadowlands.

The best DPS classes in Shadowlands

The DPS ranking is based on the data from the last patch of the Shadowlands beta on November 20, 2020, measured on the first raid of the expansion, Nathria Castle .

As soon as Warcraftlogs provides the data for the release version, we will update the ranking.

1. Shadow priest

The Shadow Priest relies on damage-over-time spells (DoTs) such as shadow word: pain, accusation and vampire touch. The class was largely revised in the pre-patch and has got another DoT spell with Devouring Plague. In addition, its void shape has been completely revised. But be careful: The Shadow Priest is not easy to play and only develops its full potential in the hands of people who have good timing.

2. Marksmanship Hunter

The Marksmanship Hunter is the only subclass of the Hunter that cannot deal all of its damage while moving. He works more like a sniper who shoots less quickly, but deals large amounts of damage with his Aimed Shot hits. The gameplay in Shadowlands remains largely the same as in Battle for Azeroth, but the hunter gets another powerful skill with Fatal Shot.

3. Affliction witcher

The affliction wizard also relies fully on damage-over-time spells such as corruption or unstable affliction. Compared to Battle for Azeroth, it doesn't play that differently. The biggest change is likely to be the new ominous Europhoria spell: This lets your active DoT effects break out and is considered by the WoW community to be the strongest soul splinter user of all time.

  • 4. Balance druid
  • 5. Frost magician
  • 6. Havoc Demon Hunters
  • 7. Destruction Warlocks
  • 8. Frost Death Knight
  • 9. Deception villain
  • 10. Beast Mastery Hunters
  • 11. Retribution Paladin
  • 12. Elemental shaman
  • 13. Arcane Mage
  • 14. Unholy Death Knight
  • 15. Reinforcement shaman
  • 16. Windrunner Monk
  • 17. Outlaw villain
  • 18. Weapons Warriors
  • 19. Fire magician
  • 20. Anger warriors
  • 21. Assassination villain
  • 22. Demonology Warlocks
  • 23. Ferocity Druid
  • 24. Survival Hunter

Before you make your final choice, you should note that the damage values ​​shown will almost certainly change again with the first major patch of Shadowlands at the latest . So don't make your choice completely dependent on the damage numbers, even if these often guarantee you a place in raid groups. 

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