WoW Shadowlands: How People Reach Level 60 in Just 3 Hours

The "World First" in Shadowlands reached the new maximum level 60 in just 3 hours. We'll tell you how he did it.

WoW Shadowlands: How People Reach Level 60 in Just 3 Hours

The gates of the Shadowlands have been open since November 24th at midnight and the servers of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands are still able to withstand the onslaught . Millions of players are currently quests, loots and levels through the new regions and investigates the question of what villain Sylvanas Windlaufer and the mysterious jailer are up to.

Well, not everyone is interested in the story, because the first speed levelers had already reached the new maximum level of 60 about three hours after the release . In this article we explain to you which trick they used.

Level 60 in just 3 hours - that's how it works

The player Monkeylool from the European server Al'akir secured the so-called World First for the release with his record time - so he was the first player in the world to secure the maximum level in Shadowlands.

This is how he did it : Instead of questing through the various areas of the Shadowlands, Monkeylool only completed the non-skippable introduction in the area "The Throat" and then played in the connection area Bastion until he unlocked the dungeon " The Necrotic Lane " Has.

Then he and two guild friends repeatedly signed up for the dungeon , because it can be completed in just 3 to 5 minutes, but each time it yields a lot of experience points.

Actually only players up to level 56 can register for the necrotic lane, which is why he and his teammates had to rely on a trick: If a group member is still below level 56, they can register the party for the dungeon - even if their comrades have reached the level limit have already exceeded.

Since several players were waiting for level 51 in his guild, Monkeylool was able to register with a new group non-stop for the worthwhile dungeon and thus reach level 60 in record time.

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