WoW Shadowlands: Pact Guide for Hunters - The Best Pact & How To Use It

WoW Shadowlands: Pact Guide for Hunters - The Best Pact & How To Use It

With Shadowlands, World of Warcraft has got a new feature, the pacts. They provide you with more story and skills that make you stronger. A different pact may be the best choice for each class. We explains to you which pact you should choose as a hunter and what makes him so strong.

This is the best pact: it is easy for hunters to choose. For each of their three specializations, the Night Fae are the best pact for any situation in PvE. Kyrians offer an alternative if the nature-loving fairies and their winter queen don't appeal to you.

It can look different in PvP, but there are too many factors here to make general statements. Venthyr excel here, but we'll focus on raids and dungeons for this guide.

Do I have to choose this pact? Mathematically, the best way to drive the night cars is for all situations. But that does not mean that this pact is necessarily the "best pact" for you. If you can't cope with the Night Fae skills or don't like the story, you should choose another pact.

Experience has shown that you ride best with what you enjoy most. The difference between the Nachtfae and the other pacts should only be a few percent anyway, so you can confidently look around. If in doubt, you can always switch.

The best pact for hunters: Night Fae

Who are the Night Fae? The Night Fae is the third pact you encounter in the Shadowlands story. Like any pact, they provide you with two skills and three different soul bonds that provide you with additional passive skills.

The Night Fae pact ability is "soul form," which transforms you into an animal and grants movement speed. It is not important for your damage. However, as a hunter, you also receive "Wild Spirits", a strong damage cooldown. 

What makes you so strong The Nachtfae offer the greatest increase in damage for hunters with Wild Spirits for Hunters and their soul bonds. They even land in the top to middle places in the DPS ranking for Shadowlands .

However, the night fae have another special feature: They can prevent your death. A soul bond with the dream weaver grants you the ability "capsule care". This can prevent your death every 10 minutes and instead locks you in a capsule that heals you. Only when this is destroyed are you actually dead.

Soul bonds and skills

How do I use the skills correctly? Wild Spirits is relatively self explanatory. You call up ghosts at the target location, which damage enemies in the area and cover them with "Mark of the hunter".

As long as this effect lasts, attacks by you and your companions against targets in the area cause damage to other targets in the vicinity. The spell has a two minute cooldown and should therefore be used with different cooldowns to buff it.

This spell makes you particularly strong against groups of opponents, for example in mythical keystone dungeons or raid bosses with multiple targets. Save this ability if you know that many enemies will soon be damaged for a few seconds.

You can also use soul form to quickly get yourself out of range of an area effect in combat without suffering major damage. The ability works a bit like the blink of a magician.

Which soul bonds should I use? You can enter into the strongest soul bond with the dream weaver. Right at the start you get Kapfelspfleger as a skill and at the end of your tree “Blossom Field”. The field grants you speed when you use your pact ability and can be combined excellently with Wild Spirits.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact Guide for Hunters - The Best Pact & How To Use It

Alternatively, Niya can provide a strong bond, provided you manage to interrupt opponents. Then her ability "Niya's Tools: Poison" takes effect, damaging enemies if you interrupt one of her spells. With her "Grove Enhancement" you also gain mastery when dealing damage or healing.

With the media you should make sure that you can definitely weave two potency media into your gang. The Spirit Sound medium is always a strong choice as it increases the duration and damage of Wild Spirits.

Alternative pact: Kyrians

What do Kyrians bring me? The Kyrians were still traded as the strongest pact according to experts until shortly before the release of Shadowlands . They are still a strong alternative for hunters, although their most important companion, Pelagos, received a nerf before launch .

As a Kyrian, you gain access to the "Summon Provost" and "Resonating Arrow" abilities. The Provost provides you with useful potions and can rid you of harmful effects. The arrow ensures that you can damage targets in the effect area, attack them through broken line of sight and have an increased critical strike chance against them.

In addition, with Pelagos as a soul band, you receive the ability "Combat Meditation" early on, which increases your mastery after using the Resonating Arrow.

When should I choose Kyrians? Kyrians are in most cases just on par with the Night Fae or worse. However, they can be stronger in some fights, especially if you are only fighting one target.

Reach for the Kyrians when you are sure that you will rarely fight against groups or when the night fae just do not suit you.

If you are considering playing other classes as a hunter, you will find the best pact for every class in Shadowlands in our handy overview on okaygotcha.

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