WoW Shadowlands: Server down or disruption at - What helps?

WoW Shadowlands: Server down or disruption at - What helps?

As expected, the servers are very busy again for the release of WoW Shadowlands. We'll show you how you can still play.

Currently the Battle.Net servers seem to be working and you can start WoW without any problems. However, the first problems are currently starting with us when we want to enter the world of Azeroth. We are currently struggling with very long loading screens. With a little patience, however, we come into play.

Finally the time has come. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be released punctually at midnight on November 24th and let you loose on the Shadowlands. So, theoretically you can play then. In practice, the servers and the client always have to struggle with some problems and disruptions at release, as the player load is extremely high.

We'll give you some tips shortly before the release so that you can still play despite the big rush. But it should be said directly: in the vast majority of cases, it helps to wait and enjoy a hot drink of your choice.

Start preload now

Anyone who has actively played WoW in the past few weeks does not have to worry about anything , because with the pre-patch released on November 11th, all the important data for Shadowlands has already been uploaded. If you haven't updated WoW since that date, you should do so now before the download rates plummet tonight due to the player load.

Even those who are new to the MMORPG with WoW Shadowlands should start downloading and patching now to save time.

Log into & WoW now

To avoid long queues when logging into the client, you can try to log in now. You can do the same with WoW if you play on a particularly full server in order to avoid the queue here as well.

But be careful : Here, too, we cannot guarantee that both tips will work. It is also possible that you have to restart WoW (for example because you are kicked out of the game or you still have to download data) and end up in the queue despite preparation.

Change Config.WTF

If you are playing on a particularly busy server, it is worth taking a look at your WoW folder and adjusting the automatic server selection. To be on the safe side, please make a copy of the file that you are changing.

To do this, close WoW, navigate to your WoW folder and look for the WTF folder in which the config file »« is located. Here you write the following line in the file: SET disableAutoRealmSelect "1"

This means that the game does not automatically assign you to your standard server, but lets you choose a server yourself. This has the advantage that you can play on smaller servers while the big ones collapse due to overload.

The only disadvantage: With the change of the server you can of course no longer play your characters that are on the overloaded server. Therefore, this solution is more suitable for players who have multiple characters on different servers. Alternatively, you can of course start a new character and play at level 50. 

General tips

Of course there are also a number of general solutions to problems. For example, you can try to improve your internet connection with these tricks:

  • Restart the router
  • LAN connection instead of using WLAN
  • Check your own internet speed with Speedtest to rule out external problems
  • Close all programs that you don't need at the moment and that are unnecessarily taking up performance or bandwidth
  • Restart and WoW
If all of these things don't work, you have to be patient and wait for the servers to stabilize again. 

Of course we hope that these tips will help you, or that the servers are kind to you. If you have any further tips or advice, please write us in the comments.

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