WoW Shadowlands: Sun Dancer-How to get it?

WoW Shadowlands: Sun Dancer-How to get it?

With the release of the new World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion, there are new secrets and rare rewards. Already in the first area you can get a new mount: the white unicorn sun dancer. We tells you how to get it.

What kind of mount is that? Sun Dancer is one of the first rare opponents that you can find in the new Shadowlands expansion shortly after your start. The horse circles in the southeastern bastion and teases you there with its presence out of reach.

Although Sun Dancer can be found in the first area, you probably won't get it that early. You can't just kill Sun Dancers to get their prey. Instead, you have to tame the horse so that you can get it as a mount.

And to tame it, you have to do a small job first. You will also need an item that is only available late in the game, the Skystrider Glider. We'll tell you how to get the glider and get sun dancer as a mount.

How to tame sun dancers in Shadowlands

Acquire Blessings and Gliders: You need two components to tame the horse:

  • Blessing of the Sun Rider
  • Skystrider Glider

You can get the blessing at coordinates 60/94 in the southeast of Bastion. Just click on the shrine that you see there.

You can buy the Sky Strider Glider from the auction house or make it yourself. For this you have to join the Kyrians, one of the Shadowlands pacts . With the Kyrians you have to expand your reputation so far that you unlock the ability "Teaching Wisdom" in the path of ascent.

You will then learn the recipe for the glider through one of the exams. You will probably need a few weeks for this. So don't expect that you will receive Sun Dancers directly on release.

Fight sun dancers: If you have the glider, all you have to do is travel to the shrine and pick up the blessing. Then catch Sun Dancer on his route and jump off a cliff. Use the glider and sail towards the horse.

As soon as you are within range, you can interact with sun dancers and ascend. You have to try to calm him down and regularly receive quite high damage, which is why you will probably already die here at lower levels.

If you have calmed down the horse, it lands together with you in a free place and then challenges you. The fight is also quite tough and you will likely need strong endgame gear or friends. You can see how it all works in the video included here:

Obviously, if you defeat Sun Dancer, he is not guaranteed as a mount afterwards. At least in the beta, there have been instances where his reins have not been given to players. So don't expect to get it guaranteed even after completing the task.

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