WoW Shadowlands: This is how you solve the quest "The Penitent Hunt" in Revendreth

WoW Shadowlands: This is how you solve the quest "The Penitent Hunt" in Revendreth

The penitent hunt in WoW Shadowlands causes problems for some players. We'll tell you where to find the NPCs to complete the quest.

The Venthyr in Revendreth, a new area of ​​WoW: Shadowlands, is anything but squeamish. Souls are also often tortured and tormented for fun in a drive hunt in order to gain anima from them. But the penitent hunt causes frustration for some players. The reason for this is that the quest objectives are not always displayed correctly on the map and minimap.

What do you have to do with the quest? For the quest "The Penitent Hunt" in WoW: Shadowlands you have to hunt the NPCs that have just been released and instill real fear into them. But first you talk to the fear-maker to start the event. The instilling of fear succeeds - as so often in WoW - by attacking the penitents and almost killing them. Normally the NPCs are displayed for you on the large map and also on the minimap, but there is currently a bug that does not always work.

Here you can find Tiana, Yoshai and Loksey - coordinates

Where are the NPCs? We have the exact coordinates of the NPCs here:

  • Criminal boss Tiana: 50/61
  • Yoshai the Merciless: 45/70
  • Houndmaster Loksey: 47/64

With Houndmaster Loksey you have to make sure that he is attacked by Truulax, which you have to turn off first. A video also shows the course of the quest:

Note, however, that the NPCs cannot be present temporarily if they have just been defeated by other players. In that case you just have to be patient for a few moments. In rare cases this can take a few minutes.

How can you see coordinates? In the game itself, it is not possible to see coordinates in World of Warcraft. For this you need an interface add-on such as MapCoords. 

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