WoW Shadowlands: Which class do you play first on the max level?

WoW Shadowlands: Which class do you play first on the max level?


Which character did you first dive into the Shadowlands with?

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was released on November 24th. While the first players have already reached the new maximum level, others take it easy. Regardless of how you play WoW, we are interested in which class you first plunged into the Shadowlands with.

Still unsure about which class to choose?

If you haven't ventured into the Shadowlands yet or are still pondering which character you want to play, you are welcome to stay a while and read along. At you will find a whole range of exciting articles and ways to choose your classes.

From the 2nd character it gets easier

By the way, if you want to play more than one class on the new maximum level, you can look forward to some simplifications with Shadowlands. If you have played your first character at level 60 and completed part of the pact campaign, you can choose for the next character from level 50 whether you want to play through the story of Shadowlands again.

If you decide against going through the story again, you can level up with the help of quests, side tasks, dungeons or other tasks. All zones except for the throat are automatically unlocked for you. Also useful: You can choose your pact directly instead of having to reach level 60 first as before.

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