Xbox Series X catches fire while playing


Xbox Series X catches fire while playing

Just a few days ago, information appeared on the network about the first broken next-generation console from Microsoft. Then everything was limited to only a black screen and further inoperability of the Xbox Series X, which can be easily attributed to a small percentage of defective supplies even before the official release. However, this morning, one of the first buyers of the console showed directly on video how the Xbox Series X began to smoke very much.

The video was posted by a Reddit user under the nickname Hirsutophilia. According to him, he filmed the process of "burning" itself from his friend, who owns the console. Under his post, users were divided into two camps. Some consider the filmed video a staged fake, while others recommend contacting Xbox support for developers to investigate the fire problem.

By the way, Sony is not doing well either. Yesterday it became known about the first breakdown of PlayStation 5, which happened to the blogger AngryCentaurGaming.

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