XIII Remake problems being solved

XIII Remake problems being solved

Publisher Microids has confirmed that the remake of the iconic first-person shooter XIII will receive several patches in the coming days to fix the game's most pressing issues.

In a new letter posted online, the publisher acknowledges that XIII does not meet its quality standards. The current pandemic has impacted the production of the game and caused delays in the development and quality control process. The Day 1 update announced earlier this week, which was supposed to fix several issues, is also taking longer than expected.

First of all, we would like to offer our most sincere apologies for the technical problems in the game. In its current state, XIII falls short of our quality standards and we fully understand the players' frustrations. The pandemic has impacted the production of the game on many levels. The move to homework for teams led to unexpected delays in the development schedule and quality control process. We were hoping to be able to provide a day one patch that fixes all issues, but this update is taking longer than expected to develop.

XIII developer PlayMagic is currently working on fixing many of the game's issues and will release several patches to fix all issues. The first of these fixes will be released in the coming days to address the most urgent issues.

We want to assure you that PlayMagic is working hard to resolve all issues in the game. With real-time monitoring and multiple patches in the coming days and weeks, we hope to achieve the level of quality that we all expect for optimal gameplay. The first update will be released shortly to fix the most pressing issues regarding controls, frame rates, collisions, rendering and sound.

Microids also confirmed that the publisher is working on a detailed XIII roadmap highlighting free add-ons to game content such as new levels, weapons, skins, and local multiplayer modes.

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