Yakuza: Like a Dragon: Chapter 3: Rock Bottom Hood walkthrough guide

Yakuza: Like a Dragon: Chapter 3: Rock Bottom Hood


Change of scenery for Ichiban ... welcome to Yokohama! Picked up by the homeless, you'll have to prove your worth, and this will start by learning the Treasure Hunt ability . This will allow you, when you arrive near a research point, to perhaps recover money and objects. So go around the ATMs, indicated by purple dots on your card, to try to find money.

Substories # 01 A Can-Do Attitude

After a good night's sleep, you will discover one of the side activities of Yakuza: Like a dragon . Collecting cans. A small tutorial will explain the controls, then you will have to collect cans by bike. Boosts can help, and you can also knock down other Scavengers to steal some cans from them. Once your tour is over, return to the starting point to drop the cans. You will then learn about the existence of Eco Points , the points you earn after each game, which you can exchange for cash, food, and many other things.


Once back at the homeless camp, things will turn sour. Members of the Chinese mafia, the Liumang , will come and get you screwed up. Namba will join you in teaching them a good lesson. After the fight, the latter will explain a little bit about how the clans get along here in Yokohama. Japanese, Korean and Chinese gangs formed what is called "The Great Wall". Everyone works on their own, however, anything could ignite the powder and start a war. Ichiban will then find a 10,000 yen note in his pocket, which however turns out to be a fake. Nanba then joins your group, and you then leave the camp. Remember to go to the camp toilets to pick up aGold plate , which you will soon be able to resell for 100,000 yen.


Go to Hello Work, which is an employment assistance agency. Unfortunately, given the current situation of our two companions, no job will be offered to them. However, on their way out, a man will tell them about an opportunity, a bar would be looking for arms, for 5,000 yen in the evening. Then go to the bar.

Substories # 04 One Man’s Trash

On the road, you will come across a pile of rubbish in front of a store that sells second-hand products. Move away a little, for example by going to make a fight, then come back in front of the pile of garbage. You will then see 2 men talking in front of this one. You will meet Kondo , an employee of the town hall, who will explain to you that the owner of the shop tells anyone who wants to hear him that these trash bags are second-hand products for the shop. However, it was the death of his wife that made him completely change, and that pushed him to dissociate himself... hence the waste. Agree to help him, and by speaking with Gobi, you will have 3 possible choices, each one will bring you a bonus of stats:

  • "Me too, I'll help clean up" - 10 points of kindness
  • "How much do I owe you ?" - 20 passion points
  • "Your wife must turn in her grave" - 10 mind points

Pick the answer that's right for you, and a fight will ensue against Gobi . Finish it off, and he'll finally decide to give his store back to its former glory, as a tribute to his wife. You'll collect a Burning Amulet , and that will be the end of this Substories.

(Note: You can now sell your items at the store, great for making some extra cash)


Go to the bar. You will meet the manager of the bar and a regular, who will tell you about the Geomijul , a very discreet gang, but very feared. This is the reason why they want to recruit you for the evening, in order to protect them from an attack from them. Which will happen right after your conversation. A fight begins, eliminate the man hired by the gang, whom you previously met at "Hello Work". After a great show of courage on the part of Ichiban, and more questions than before about the gang, you will have a second job offer: Clean up Hamako's restaurant tomorrow. Once the cutscene is complete, you will collect the Silver Master Key. This allows you to open all the silver chests in the city.


Go back to sleep, and set off the next day to Hamako's restaurant. You will realize pretty quickly that this is not really a restaurant ... After doing the housework, a fight will break out with protesters. Once it is over, a cutscene will start, and that will be the end of the chapter.

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